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Does anyone have a break every now and again?

Reason i'm asking is because over the next 3 months I have a couple of things, firstly my birthday on 4th June, am hoping to have lost a stone by then. But I do want to go for a meal with my OH. Next would be at some time in July I am going to get my son Christened, again I hope to have lost another stone by that point and was thinking that would be my next goal and I would allow myself a day off to eat something nice. The goal after that is my final goal, August 31st, my holiday. I want another stone off by then which should take me to my target weight. I am then going to enjoy my holiday. If I put on a lot of weight (which I prob will on a hol) then I shall do CD again for a few weeks after that to lose the extra gained and then I shall be on the maintence wagon.

Anyway does all of that sound ok?

The thing is I hear people saying you shouldn't have breaks as it ruins it etc but although I am on a diet I don't want it taking over my life and those occasions I mentioned in my eyes should be enjoyed.

What are your views?
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I totally agree that it should not take over your life. I think to have a PLANNED break once in a while is fine. Lots of people on here "cheat" every week in some form or other. I stuck to SS for 4 weeks without so much as licking my fingers then had my planned night off for my anniversary which i had looked forward to the whole 4 weeks and to be honest it kept me going through some of my weak moments. I went out for a meal - ate what i felt like then went right back on SS next day no problem and lost 2.5 lbs that week. I have another break planned in 4 weeks for hubbys birthday and again i am looking forward to it very much.

I personally think unplanned breaks are far more damaging because thats when you've lost the battle of the minds and you really beat yourself up about it. The planned breaks are YOUR choice so you are still in control and don't feel guilty, its just like a reward for having seen it through so well.

No doubt everyone will have a different view but i really do think you have to keep it real and realise that we do have to live our lives too.

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i have had nights off but not days off...
had a friends bday last sat and i said to myself if i was in 10's then id eat. this kept me on track.
i have a wedding on may 3rd and want to be 10,7. again if i hit target im allowed the evening off.
again friends bday 10th may etc... etc...
you need to do what works for you.
it does help to motivate and give you something to look forward too!


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Hi there sweetcheeks!

I have had 3 events since starting CD a month ago and Im still losing

You just have to make good choice with your food. Try to avoid carbs at all cost like get a fish dish with veg, meat with veg,

Ive had to meals out ... for the first one I had a really nice large chicken ceaser salad which was very filling. Then for the 2nd meal out I had baked Bass with seasonal veggies. You'll find if youve been ss for a month its your appetite wont be huge and you'll be full quicker. So even if you see a yummy big meal onh the menu you prob wont be able to finish it when you get it.

If you are SS dont drink alcohol its really bad for you. I had half a mojito when I went for dinner with my hockey team and I though I was going to black out... its so dangerous and just not worth it.

Ive gone out with my mates most saturdays and just have diet coke and I havent even missed the booze and still having a great time.

If you do want to have a drink try only have 1 but make sure you have something substantial early that day. it may knock you out of ketosis but thans better than a blackout!!


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Hi Sweetcheeks,

I would agree with all the others - my CDC would say that if you have a special occasion, there's no point being miserable. Plan what you;re roughly going to eat and if you're planning to have a drink - make sure to eat something beforehand. And straight back on track the next day!!:)
Thanks girls, yes I thought the best thing was to plan my meal so I have as few carbs as possible so will look into whats low in time for my night off. I agree planned nights are less damaging than unplanned as I am not cheating as such just having a break, and it is definately something to look forward to making me more likely to stick with the diet yay!! xx I think i'll stay well away from the alcohol tbh, i'm not a massive drinker so should cope xx
special occasions

i agree theres no point letting it take over your whole life, special occasions do happen, ive just ad daughters bday 6th april, hubbys 16th april, sons 21st april, i ate chicken salad on all these occasions and lost 2lb each week, now with all the birthdays out of the way got straight run till my hols 7th june, and will be coming off the plan for the week, we go all inc, and when you,ve saved all year round you want to enjoy it, but alot of swimming and making the right food choices, shouldnt cause to much damage, then back on track when i get home.
Hi Sweetcheeks, Check my signature - I have had four planned weekends off and a cheating day, but overall it hasn't affected my weight-loss too badly. Hubby is on CD too and he has lost 4 stone with the same weekends off and loads of cheating!

I couldn't do this diet if it took over my life completely and you have got to have some kind of social life now and again.

By the way, our weekends off are not Atkins-type weekends ;) and we normally have to have a good intake of carb's in preparation :rolleyes:.


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Hi, im only on day three but wondered if I was hungry in evening (as I seem to be at moment), can I have lettuce with a small slice of chicken breast (my Counsellor said protein wouldnt affect loss)?
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Hi, im only on day three but wondered if I was hungry in evening (as I seem to be at moment), can I have lettuce with a small slice of chicken breast (my Counsellor said protein wouldnt affect loss)?
Carolyn, I've done this a couple of times and it hasn't affected me. I've also had a few days off due to Birthdays etc, but still continue to lose weight.

Sticking to it this week though in the hope of losing around 7 lb.


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Each to their own but I found that having a break & not sticking to plan has made it more difficult for me. I have been at my happiest on CD when I stuck steadfast to SS. I am not saying that having breaks means that you wont lose weight but I personally have found it tough mentally. My 1st planned break went fine but my second planned break really tested my resolve. Since then I have had a couple of break out moments & I am desperate to stick to my guns & get to my target (hence my mini challenge below). So my advice is get your head down, batten down the hatches & stick to SS until you have achieved your weight loss & are ready to work up the plans.

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