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Brenda's ickle update thread.....

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Starting off with some less than good news ladies - my Dad has been diagnosed with lung cancer today. He has been told it is slow growing and may have had it for a couple of years. They will not treat except for painkillers - he is 80 in March (party was already on the cards of course) and has smoked since he was 11 so it has not been a surprise, he has been on oxygen for a while suffering from asthma and emphysema (sp?) but he is not downhearted so I am being likewise (although I am doing a very large brandy for medicinal purposes). Docs have not given any timescale and don't even want to biopsy or reinflate the lung for fear of setting it off on a rampage, they have done diagnosis through an xray followed by MRI scan which they say has 98% proved the diagnosis. He is a tough old bugger but weighs a stone less than me these days which is saying something - but he says he has not been eating for weeks properly but now has got more of an appetite which is good. doc has prescribed "Build Up" for him and my sis is cooking his evening meals and he has promised to start drinking again - Guinness we have demanded!

This might sound strange but I really don't want sympathy as we have had our ups and downs in the past but now I think we understand each other. I have a feeling he will be around for a few years yet but his 80th will be strange I fear. Hoping not, hoping it will be a celebration he can join in with. It is the week after the Birmingham Meet but I am still coming!

ok I will shut up now, just did not want to drop this in anyone elses thread.

Love you all
Bren xx
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Well, having said that you don't want sympathy ((((((((((Bren))))))))).

I'm so sorry for your news but you and your dad both seem to be pretty sanguine about it. I'm a smoker too and when I do think about cancer, it's more a case of not if, but when.

I can imagine that your dad might be quite traditional in his views and hasn't accepted the way you live - but when it comes to the crunch, you'll be there for him, and he still loves you, I'm sure.

Get the Guinness down him - and you, love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thank you Susie, appreciate it xxxxx
It feels weird sometimes when I am with my family, out of 5 children I am the only one who does not (and has never tried it lol) smoke, the house was always full of ashtrays and smoke when I was young and it just never appealed to me somehow. But both my 2 brothers and 2 sisters and their other halves and some of the kids all do it...............wonder how many will quit now? All of them hopefully. What you said about my lifestyle is probably true, it has been 20 years now so you would hope that he sees me for me and not just a lifestyle. He only gave me and hubby six months so he didn't rate him either (we were married 10 years) so yes he is a bit old fashioned in his views but at nearly 80............his decision :)
I make a vow on here to make more of an effort to go over and see him more often.
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Brenda so sorry to hear about your dad - that was just an ickle bit of sympathy - big hugs for you and your family xxx
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Yes Bren, it sounds like your dad is a true old fashioned man, my love and regards to both of you.


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Lots of love hon and secret sympathy xxxx


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that's horrid news.
take it as a chance to properly enjoy each others company as much as you both feel comfortable with, don't be left with regrets.

coming ready or not.......a big


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He sounds like a tough old man Bren that could suprise you by being around for a good time yet I hope that you get a good few birthdays to spend together & form some special memories in the times to come!

Its never good to hear someone has the big C, my Dad was diagnosed when I had my op, seems even tougher when its the man thats been the strength in yr life. x

Thinking of you & yours. x
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:candledinner: you two?
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Yes, that's what took my Father over 20 years ago now.


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((hugs)) My dad is only 56 and has had emphsemia (seriously can't spell it) and C.O.A.D. since 1998. My thoughts are with ye.


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Thoughts are with you (they are only little teeny sneaky ones)


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He is in and out of hospital a few times out of the year, also he's on a transplant list. His mobility is very affected by it and is not able to walk very far.
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