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Breoghies Diary

Hi All
So this is my first Dukan Diet Diary entry. I am currently on Day 3 of attack, my husband was on 2 days of attack and is now on cruise, he lost 4lbs which he is very pleased with as he has not got lots to lose like me!
So far I have lost 4lbs also which am very please with. I had previously lost 12lbs on SW but had STS for about a month.

I think the main thing I like about Dukan is that I wont be restricting myself everyday for the rest of my life (just one day:p) and although only 3 days in I dont feel restricted. I think it is a wee bit easier on me because Im not a big drinker so I dont feel deprived. Im also not much of a cook so the easy recipes are a big hit for me.

Anyways here is my food diary for the last couple days. Any feedback would be more that welcome x

Attack Day 1
Breakfast:Vanilla Mullerlight
Snack:Slice Ham x 3 & Crab Stick x 4
Lunch:Egg and Ham
Snack:Slice Ham & Crab Stick
DinnerSalmon and Chicken Breast
Snack:Crabstick / Oatbran pancake

ttack Day 2
Breakfast:Vanilla Mullerlight & oatbran pancake
Snack:Crab sticks /Mussels
Lunch:Ham & Egg
Snack:Crab sticks /Mussels
Dinner: Meatballs (homemade) and Chicken Breast
Snack:Dukan milkshake (from a recipe)

I really dont feel hungry or deprived. My food is a bit bland (which I actually dont mind)but I'm just learning and keen to try new recipes to accompany my food, esp as I will be on cruise for a while.
Thanks x
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Goat herder(ess)
Well done to both you and your husband for your great starts.

Just be a little careful with the ham as it is salty and can sometimes cause problems with stalling.


** Chief WITCH **
and crabsticks are limited to eight a day... and they're full of sugar an carbs so if you were to start cooking a little more, you'd probably be surprised at your prowess!

Few of us here are natural cooks (there are a few - you'll soon learn who!) but when we have quite a lot of weight to learn, and boredom could well set in, it's good to have a few tried and tested recipes that you like, can make easily and enjoy. Check out our recipe section and feel free to ask questions.

Having your husband diet with you is a mixed blessing. It'll make meal preparation easier but best be forewarned that men always lose faster than we do!

Good luck! (and don't forget a sugar free multi vitamin per day and to guzzle lots of water!)

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