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Bride to Be - Sept 2011 - 7 stone to lose

Hey girls (and possibly guys as well :))

just wanted to say hi and i cant believe im on he brides to be section :D

im getting married in sept 2011 and have 7 stone to lose by then,,,,im really hoping i can do it,,,it feels like ive been fat for so long when i look in the wedding magazines i actually cant picture myself slim and i think oh god what if i lose all that weight and im still fat!!! just paranoia really lol

i know i can do it, lost over a stone in the last 6 weeks ,,, partly just to calorie reduction and then i actually started ww 15/6 and lost 7lbs in a week by my first weigh in on 22/6

i just keep thinking god i've got 7 more of these stones to go!!!!!!!!!!:(

Chantelle xxx
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Hi Chantelle!

Congratulations on your engagement! I'm getting married in August 2011. You've made a terrific start at losing the weight and I'm sure with 100% effort you'll make your target!

I know what you mean about "What if I'm still fat?" I've lost 9lb and feel like I look bigger than before! It's bridal mags that do that to me!!
Nice 2 meet u Fray,,,looking at your stats and wedding a month before mine we are in a similar-ish position..

feelin particulary rubbish 2day,,,there is a particular style of wedding dress that i want so had the store order a sample in (its a maggie sottero) it was a size 8 so i knew i wouldnt be able to try it on but anyway the store had a size 18 in a different style maggie she wanted to try it on me just for sizing,,,i did say that i was only ordering dress early as i didnt want the style to be discontinued and i didnt want to be properly sized until next year,,,,,,,anyway yikes!!! she took my measurements and said at the moment im looking a a size 24!!!!!! bearing in mind i wear size 18 - 20 clothes it was horrible! i know that the fit of wedding dresses is different etc but its awful to hear,,,though a good incentive also!



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Yes, if you look at my targets you'll see I crossed off the one about ordering my dress in a 16! They come up SO small. My friend who got down to a size 8 for her wedding had to wear a 14 on the day and those friends who are a 14 had to wear a 20. No vanity sizing on those dresses. Just remember, no one will see the label!

Lots of designers are different, too! I loved a designer one with a high price tag and had to try it in a 24. Then I tried on a non-designer one and it was far too big in a 24.
Hi Chantelle (and you all)

I'll be getting married in early August 2011. Perhaps we could keep each other company. I want to lose at least 2 stone and hopefully 4.

ooh congrats rebeccamary! it seems so far away but really its not if u think about it is it!

yes of course that would be great...r u following any particular diet or just your own thing?

I still have 6 and a half to lose so fingers crossed but tbh would be chuffed with anything over 4 stone



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Hey Chantelle- congratulations on your engagement!
I think you have done amazing so far, well done! you are obviously so focused and you will get to target I am positive of that!
I am the same as you, all the time i was losing my weight i still thought i was fat and even though people were saying 'wow you can really see the difference'...I couldnt...and still cant!
Even when i tried my dress on which was 2 sizes smaller than i started and it fit- I still thought i looked fat in it but now i look at it, and i look at photos of me a year ago its slowly starting to sink in that i am smaller! you'll get there
I still have a stone or so to go- as much as i can really- our wedding is on September 10th so not long to go!!!! so excited!
Hope to hear from you soon and good luck, you are doing great!
Hey Chantelle

Congrats on your engagement, I am getting married :love047: in August 2011 and have 5 stone to lose ideally.

I have just signed up for WW online and start the Diet tomorrow.

I have worked it out that I only need to lose on average of 1-2lbs a week to get to goal in time for my wedding which when you look at it like that seems so much more achievable than 70lbs!!!!!

I must say you have done so well so far well done you :happy096:

Anyway good luck girlies look forward to getting to know you all

Starla x
Hey everyone,

My names Arwen and im getting married in july 2011. Im very excited. Im planning on signing up for WW online because I cant get to any of the groups. Hoping to get to know you guys.

Arwen x
Hi girls!

Sammy 84 - thanks so much it makes me feel better that im not the only one who feels like that! i was going to say hi to u actually at some point because i looked on your thread and saw u have the same wedding dress as im having - maggie sottero desirae! i ordered it about a month ago (in three sizes smaller than i need OMG LOL) its absolutely stunning isnt it - i didnt want to leave it in the shop tho i had to the sample i had to look at was a size 8 lol.

thanks starla - exactly when u think of it as 1-2lbs a week u know its acheivable and i think we have all acted early enough to be able to diet sensibly and get to our target in plenty of time without too much pressure lol

Hi Arwen : )

omg thats amazing!!! I havent met anyone else who has even seen my dress let alone got it aswell!!! :)
Its just perfect isnt it? as soon as i saw it online i knew it was the one and i got the shop to order it in for me and i had it in smaller size and whilst i was waiting for it i hit the diet and it now fits- its beautiful but i still want to lose some more weight as its corsetted and i know it can be pulled in more! ha ha!!!

So tell me more about your wedding! I have just put a post up on the brides to be section about weddings! have a look! xxx
oh!! its so nice to look back on my therad from a couple of months back and 2 have lost some more weight! unlike the 7 stone in the title I have *only* [lol] 5 stone to go which is a challenge but Ive got 10 months 2 do it in! 2 b honest getting a few more stone off will be jus brill anyway!

hope everyone else is doing well...its hard at this time of year with lots of xmas choc and food around but i've got 2 just keep picturing me and my dress next summer....

hows everyone's plans going? we booked our honeymoon to Jamaica a couple of weeks ago!!! exciting



Chronic dieter!!!
Hi Chantelle,

Wow i am so in awe of your success so far! We started at around the same time (June this year), but i've not been as committed as i should be (lots of stressful things going on in the last couple of months :( )... But i am inspired by your success and its onwards and downwards i say :D

I'm getting married in July 2011 and hope to lose 3 1/2 stone by then, which according to my calculations means i need to lose 1-2lbs a week, which is definitely do-able so hopefully i'll get there!

Anyway, would be great to keep hearing about your amazing progress, look forward to your next update :)

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