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i loved the 'you're an air marshall'...im not an air marshall' scene!

hey slimstar your hubby will love it. mine is a builder and i will take him. there is loads of blokey humour in it. im surprised the things i laughed at!


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I am going to see this later today, a friend recommended it! The trailer seems promising, looks good :D
We watched this last night, the thing that made me laugh soooo hard was the wedding dress scene in the street, I would recommend anyone who wants a few hours of escapism to go and watch it, its bloomin hilarious...xx
I saw it last night and im taking my mum (bit prudey) tomrrow - im hoping it might loosen her up a bit. LOL cant wait for her reaction to the wedding dress in street scene and also the c word scene , could go either way...............am i being too risky taking mother???????
Loved this movie... Made me laugh soooo much!! Anyone should go c it, even mothers lol :)
Was a great film but so many people compared it to hangover and I have to say far more laughs in hangover. I was really disappointed when the hen party didn't make it to Vegas now that would have been bril!!

Still really enjoyed it, it's funny nd it's not really a chic flick could bring a fella to see it too!
Hey I enjoyed this movie too

I thought the first ten minutes of it were awful but after that was out the way it was really funny!

I especially loved the part when she took
A flakey at the wedding party arranged by the perfect girl( can't remember her name). I lol'd at this big time!!!!

If you want a giggle go see, also saw with the bf who enjoyed :)
I love Bridesmaids - seen it twice now. So hilarious! I think Kristen Wiig is brilliant. I love the airplane scene - "What kind of name is Stove? Are you an appliance?" and "This should be open, it's civil rights. This is the 90s" hahaha!


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I watched this online the other day and I absolutely loved it, it's hilarious, I loved the bathroom scene in the bridal shop lol! It's great...wasn't expecting to like it :)

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