Brilliant Book!!


The Diet Guy
Not seen it m8 and there is no explanation, what's it all about then?

Didn't realise there wasn't a synopsis!

This guy was 467 lb and after a brush with cancer decided he needed to change his life and lose the weight. He remortgaged his house, packed in his job and went on a tour of all the baseball stadiums in the US whilst doing a VLCD for 8 months!

That is the first half of the book - the second half is his philosphy and advice - the "Seven Pillars of Weight Loss" and his 10 traps of overeating.

He gives it really straight, from experience and it is an inspiring read!

Here's his site

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The Diet Guy
I shall take a peek!



Gone fishing
Okay, just had a quick look at the 7 'pillars'

Isn't this similar to PMcK? From what I see, it sounds like another 'this is what's going wrong...this is what you need to think to make it go right' book. Of course, getting to think the right way is a heck of a job if you have an eating disorder.

For instance, I have watched my family very closely this last 12 months. They have a signal that tells them to stop. However much they like a food, it is rare for them to overeat it. I try to emulate this behaviour, and I reckon I'm gradually reprogramming my brain, but it's a long journey for a 50 year old who's had an eating disorder for as long as I remember.

It isn't just a case of knowing the problem, or even sorting it out for a week or two.

So, I wonder if this book gives any really good advice on how to reprogramme that brain. At least P Mck gives you tapping techniques etc. Wonder what this book does.

So many books tell you what's wrong, when I really need a very nice man to come along and just magically fix it for me. (Okay a lady would do, but a man would be better;) )