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Brilliant loss and strawberry shake


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I lost another 5lb this week bringing me to a total of 45lbs in 9 weeks --- I've hit the 3 stone barrier!!!!!!! Am just so happy - it's all I can do not to dance.

Though I've just come home and my mum in law and her partner were here and they still haven't noticed I've lost anything - madness!

Also tried the strawberry shake at group tonight - was nice, tastes like Angel Delight to me

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Cheers Tommee - I'm still smiling :)

No, they are being delivered to my LLC on Friday, both the strawberry and the banana - she said that the bars are coming out next month.


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Well done Cath on your brilliant weight loss.
Congrats on reaching the 3 stone mark, I'll be at that point next WI.
I'm definately trying the new shakes next week, they sound yummy, but what flavour are the new bars? I didn't know we were having any.
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Excellent loss!!!!! 5lbs!!!:wow:

How could they notice you havnae lost tut inlaws honestly!!!! bet you look fab!

Can't wait to go to my stop in tonight see if i have lost anything yet..will be devestated if I havn't

and again Excellent loss!!

Jodie x


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That's fantastic! 3 stone gone in only nine weeks is amazing, i'm on week two and hoping that I can get results like that as quickly as that!:D Keep up the good work and ignore the inlaws (the mother-in law is probably jealous of how fab you look:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D )!!!!!!


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Wow Katie,
Well done girl :D

I thought the strawberry was kinda yogurty, was quite yummy :p

New bars are crannberry and a peanut one... both were rather scrumpcious (sp :D ) :p
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Well Done Cath,

:wow: Thats greeeat news. Keep it up girl and you will be at your target in no time.

Im looking forward to the new flavours too, umm I loved angel delight and I love strawberries and bannana's.

Well done xx


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Hi everyone, thanks for all your messages - you're all lovely and supportive :grouphugg:

Had one of those stressful days in work today where people come to you mid morning for loads of info they need for a meeting in the afternoon --- anyway I was ploughing through it all when I suddenly realised how good I feel with my weight loss and sat there with a big grin on my face .... good job I've my own office cos if I shared the other people would think I'd gone mad :)

Gotta run now, off to aqua aerobics - all have a good evening.



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Sorry To Butt In Guys But Our Llc Said That The New Bars Aren't Available Til June
Do You Think That It Is Because We Are All Just Starting And She Wants Us To Look Forward To Something Or Are They Not Available Til June I Am A Little Confused Here Seeing You All On Them
And Able To Taste Them Too!!!!
I Want One Of Your Llc's


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Hi Cath :wave_cry:

Well done on the great weight loss! That's fantastic. Looking forward to my meeting tomorrow for the new flavours.

Nicky - My LLC says the bars aren't available til June also.


Mrs Lard

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Dear Cath

Finally made a connection - you are here too! Silly me. Have replied via blog but have to acknowledge your phonomenal success here too. Also, have to acknowledge the fantastic support you give to me and others - it has made such a difference.

WELL DONE!!! A big hug (virtual, of course - ha ha) from Mrs L - you've done amazingly well and are still inspiring me!

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Hi Mrs L

LOL sorry I just thought you knew ..... thanks for your message, it's lovely :)

Off to see the baby in about 10 minutes - can't wait for my first cuddle!

Be back after to catch up on all the blogs



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Hey Cath, congrats on your amazing weight loss so far....you'll be at goal before you know it! Mmm strawberry shakes, I hope that they will be out soon because I am living on choc and vanilla, makes for a very boring week. Keep smiling! Angela x


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Well done Cath, thats amazing!!!!! Can't believe your inlaws haven't noticed or have they and just not said anything?

My parents are arriving from New Zealand tomorrow and haven't seen me since I started LL (and I haven't told them what i'm doing) If there isn't any comments I will be MAD!!!! lol
Well done on hitting the 3st mark Katie O!!!
Brilliant :)
And as far as people not noticing - they can't NOT notice but some people are just mean and cant bring themselves to say 'you look great'. And some people just dont say anything ever! I'm going through some similar stuff right now on the noticing front. There is one person in particular who just doesnt seem to be able to say the words!!!! I wont back down first though and ask him! Oh no, if I can give up booze for 11 weeks (and counting) I can certainly hang on in there for a compliment off a boy! :)


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I lost another 5lb this week bringing me to a total of 45lbs in 9 weeks --- I've hit the 3 stone barrier!!!!!!! Am just so happy - it's all I can do not to dance.

Congratulations!!! 5lbs. is brill and well done on hitting the 3 stone barrier!

Love Mini xxx

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