bringing a new pet into the family


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as you know we lost our darling Jacob 2 weeks ago, and we miss him dreadfully. Tango seems to be quite lonely, mooching around the house, he went off his food last week, this week hes eating more, but is very 'clingy' in fact hes sitting so close to me now, his bum is on the keyboard ( i just typed a long thread and he deleted it) i was wondering if he would like a feline companion?

anyway. im considering giving a home to a rescue cat. they've visited the house to see if were suitable to adopt, and ive met a lady cat at the rehoming centre who seems quite friendly. i dont know much about her, as she was found as a stray. shes been checked out by their vet and had injections etc. shes quite friendly, rubbed around our legs, laid in my arms when i picked her u p, purred etc..seemed quite gentle. shes a tabby with white paws and bib.

i was wondering how Tango would cope by bring a new friend into his house? hes quite a timid cat in some ways. hes not a cuddly boy like Jacob was, but he has his moments when he likes his tummy rubbed.

would his nose be put out of joint if ladycat came to live here? ( she hasnt got a name yet)

weve been to the rescue centre a few times recently, and i cant decide who to bring home. i know its wrong but i keep comparing them all to Jacob. i know we cant ever replace him. but im drawn to the white cats.

some of their stories are so sad, i wish i could bring them all home. some are dumped kittens, dumped in a box in the woods. one gorgeous ladycat had her leg butchered by a gang of yobs..others, their owner have moved house and they dont want the cat anymore.

(heres the website )
Cats Protection League Axhayes Shelter

anyone had experience bring new cats into the home with exisiting cats?

thanks for listening
I have 2 new kittens which have had to settle in with my resident cat cleo. She was from the RSPCA and is a character. She is very independant and not overly fussy.

For the first few days i kept them in a seperate room - i didnt allow any interactions. they could smell eachother and that was enough.

Then after a few days i'd let the kittens wander around when cleao was outside to get her used to the smell of the newbies.

After a couple of weeks i let them see eachother. I started off slowly and left it longer and longer each time.

Now they tolerate each other well. Cleo will still hiss at them but there isnt any malice in it just' i'm the boss'

With cats slowly does it and they will learn to get along. :)
I have only ever had 1 cat that wasn't from the cats protection league, RSPCA, or a stray that invited itself to stay :rolleyes:

In my experience those that get on best are those that don't pose a threat to each other so male and female or if 2 males then go for a cat that isn't the same age as your boy or they will constantly compete to be top cat which is a bloody nightmare!

I kept the new cat in the living room by itself first for as long as needed so it began to feel confident and then let the other in.

When you get your cat, reinforce the pecking order they have laid down for themselves. I put the food dish down first for the top cat etc etc.

Good luck and keep us posted :)
OH MY GOD i dont know what to do...

went to the rescue centre last night, they had a cat reserved for me. but i saw someone else who just struck a chord with me.... and now i dont know what to do

there are 2 cats there. both females. both white with black spots ( like jacob) they have to come as a pair..and get of the cats only has 3 legs!! ( just like jacob) i doing wrong in falling for somthing that looks like the one ive lost??

im confused now...

Go with your heart. You know you cant replace Jacob but maybe having someone around who reminds you of him will be good. :)
One thing I would say is that you should think of how Tango would feel. My gut instinct is that Tango would feel less threatened with one newcomer than two.

I introduced Foofoo to my two boys and after one day of hisses they were fine, but I know that it doesn't always happen this way. Oscar (Mums cat) has taken quite a while to tolerate my three. I visited her every two weeks for 2 months - Oscar in a dog cage for short periods and all other times being seperated - he now tolerates them but doesn't want to interact with them.

Here's a good link for introducing cats :)

Wizz Catz Rescue - Sheffield and Chesterfield - Introducing A New Cat
thanks Candy thats a good website

well........they're home....both of them. ( what have i done) theyre in the dining room, one has had a cuddle on my lap the other rolled over to have her tummy tickled. very shy both of them and i think they prefer me to hubby, as soon as he comes in the room they hide on the chair under the table or in the window sill

will try to get some pics later.

I've just been looking at the axehayes website... It's made me wanna cry (soppy sod). I wish I could take em all home!

This diet is ending me soft lol

I have one resuce cat... and before I had her if u put a cat on my lap I would freeze with terror! now I can pick her up, give her cuddles... and couldnt imagine life without her!! Poor little thing... she had it hard!