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I only started today and felt mighty chilli all day!

But if i remember correctly it kinda sticks around?

Atleast the weather is pretty darn great at the moment!


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:giggle: Get used to it girls, its here to stay!!!

Try hot/warm water or even hot black coffee ... it helps a little! :)


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I'm freezing too .. but oh well at least its better weather outside so won't be as cold :)


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I went to bed last night wearing full length winter PJ's, a jumper and woolly socks!! Window closed, winter feather duvet, husband and dog!!! And I shivered lol
I can not get warm.......my heating bills scare me!!!
KT x
I have been freezing for the last 15 weeks, drives my family crazy, they are all sat around dying as I have the central heating on full blast, and I'm still sat with 20 layers on LOL!

Wobbley Woo

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I thought it was just me, I am going to bed in my winter wooleys as well, and freezing the rest of the time, also sleeping for England as well
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Oh thank god!!! Well I guess it just means we're losing our insulating layers of fat :)
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Thank God it's not just me!
I refuse to switch on my heating between April and October, or it has to be unusually cold outside.
So I wear my bathrobe all night.

Then in bed, I sleep with 2 thick duvets, and still have to put on my snuggle sucks to keep warm, because my feet are freezing!
And sometimes, I even have to put on my bathrobe under my 2 duvets. And I do sleep with my winter pj's on.
I was cold before this, but I'm freezing since I'm on this diet!
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So, its not only me, but didn't feel that cold even in december/january when the whole Ireland had a winter of a century!


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Feeling colder today for some reason.


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Snap guys...I always feel cold and I make my shakes with crushed ice as well, which doesnt help. Sat here now right next to the radiator to keep warm and hoping the laptop warms up my legs too :)

It doesnt go either :-(, and I quite often have a soup just to keep me warm, but depends whether you like them or not, and yes, as Tanya says, have a coffee,,,,,just takes the edge off.

One of the side effects unfortunately.

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