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Bubblegumbodw's Diary & WI Record

Hurrah, End of week 1 and 6lbs lost. I'm thrilled! :D

I've started to read a lot of your diaries, which have helped to motivate me in what's been a very stressful 1st week back on WW, so decided to write my own in the hope I'll nail why I eat like I do. I know I'm an emotional eater. I eat when happy, sad, bored, stressed... Or I suppose I should say I USED to eat, as I'm going to change. Feel free to post on my diary especially if I get stuck and need a kick! Hints and tips are most welcome too.

Anyway, a little about me. I'm almost 37 and mum to a son 19, daughter 16 and son who's almost 2. I've been an ME sufferer since 1990, though only officially diagnosed 6 years later. I found out when my eldest was 3 that he had Asperger Syndrome/Dyspraxia, so had to cope with that as well. Then when children were still only 7 and 5, I was widowed. Ironically that was probably one of my thinnest times.

Now happily married to a wonderful man I met on the 'net and we have 1 child together. He has seen me at my heaviest and thinnest and still loves me, though I don't love myself right now.

So here I am, back on the wagon and determind to get to a size 12/14.

This week, despite having lots of stress caused by a 16yr old who thinks she knows everything and is taking her GCSE's, I have amazingly lost 6lbs. I've been on 21 points to kickstart and think I'll probably do it again this week before going up to my normal points, which I think will be 26.

I'm going to have lost at least a stone by my birthday on 7th August.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.
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Wow 6lb is a fantastic loss no wonder your thrilled. I hope you find WW an enjoyable journey i love it as i feel in control of what im eating and i have to make good choices to enable me to eat the things i want so i cant have rubbish for lunch from the shops if i want to have a slap up meal one night. I was an emotional eater like you and anything could set me off, happy, sad, annoyed, anxious, stressed so i really did suffer with it and i would just eat for the sake of it really i wasnt even hungry.

Anyway will stop rambling on your brand new shiny diary and just wish you luck :D


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Yay well done thats amazing :) .. brill loss ! .. Ive got a 14 yr old girl so i can 100% sympathise ! LOL
Hmmmm, not such a good day so far. I'm tired as little one was awake at 5.30. We ignore him till 6am at the earliest, unless he unhappy, but as per usual, he uses the time to shout all the words he knows at the top of his head! He knows about 30 mins worth LOL. Had to get out early to drop daughter off for an exam, before going home to get ready for baby swimming. Lo fell asleep in the car, and I thought I'd maybe manage 30 wink when I got home, but he sparked into life as the engine stopped!

I had an attack of the munchies - cereal just doesn't fill me up - so it was out with the raisins and off to swimming. I bought a CoU meal from M&S for lunch (orzo pasta with sundried tomatoes) and CoU Chicken & Cashews for dinner as hubby is having those gorgonzola burgers they have advertised on tv. I nearly choked when I pointed it at 9 each!

Ate my lunch, but lo faffing with his gingerbread man, so I ate it :eek:( I should have thrown it away, but arghhhh! Course I'm feeling bad I ate it, even though I did have 4 spare points for the day, so I'm still ok I suspect, and I'm only having 21 again this week, so I'm well under usual points, but I'm still cross with myself.

Did some ironing to occupy hands, so I must be bored! I hate ironing. Still, it's just gone 4 so time to wake lo and think about cooking my lovely dinner. Then all I have to do is avoid the kitchen tonight - think I'll go to bed early.

Still, at least stress levels are lower today, though joints are aching, not good for me as my ME is lurking. I must de-stress fast!
Hello Hun,
i no how you are feeling,you have done so well,you should make some sugar free jelly up and when your hungry you can eat the whole bowl!
Them m and s burgers looked lovely on tv last night i looked at the oh when the advert come on tele! maybe i will give them a miss or get them on wi day for a treat!
Keep going darling you can do it . :)


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This week, despite having lots of stress caused by a 16yr old who thinks she knows everything and is taking her GCSE's, I have amazingly lost 6lbs. I've been on 21 points to kickstart and think I'll probably do it again this week before going up to my normal points, which I think will be 26.
Well done on your weight loss of 6lb!!!

Love Mini xxx
Ah, sugar free Jelly, I forgot about that - thankyou! My dinner was lovely and hubby was pleased with his too. Those burgers blew up like footballs, all that fattening cheese oozing out. Good job I don't like gorgonzola! I got the Wii Fit out and did 25 mins of aerobic games, so feeling shattered, but better about the gingerbread now.


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goodness me! how come all the yummy things they show on the tele are packed full of points! .. id rather have a chinese than 1 burger! ........
Ive not tried the m+s meals maybe ill pop in and get a couple to try out .. what are they like for price?
I know at the moment M&S have 1/3 off meals, but i think it's due to end maybe today or tomorrow. I think the chicken & cashew nut was around £3, but my oldest son works there so I get 20% off everything except electrical goods.

I'm feeling very pleased with myself so far today as last night my son bought in loads of doughnuts, chocolate/orange cake bites etc from work. They get reduced right down on the 'waste' trolley, so probably only cost him about £1 in total. Everyone was tucking in and i did hover, but then realised 1 little cake bite is 2 points, so had an apple & went to bed instead. The doughnuts are in the breadbin, but as I can't see them, I'm not too bothered at the moment. I'm shipping myself off to mum's soon as I can feel the munchies coming and won't come back till after lunch, when I've eaten and can trust myself again. Thing is, like a lot of you probably find too, I won't actually enjoy it - I'll just eat it because it's there and I can.

Lamb chop for tea with lots of veg and maybe a jacket spud. Lunch will probably be soup. I love soup, I could eat it all day.
Thanks Starlight.

Today has been a good day, both food and stress wise. It was my daughters last exam this afternoon, so no more stress of trying to get her to revise and then having to get her to exams on time. Hopefully she'll now revert to the nice daughter she was. All email privileges and 'net sites have been unblocked, so she's a happy bunny, as am I!

Foodwise, I tried beans on toast for brekkie to try and stop the mid-morning munchies. It worked. I also took both sons to Tesco (lo loves it there!) to grab some supplies. We stopped for a cuppa and that's all I had, watching son No1 eat a rolo doughnut. Had some lovely organic lentil & parsley soup for lunch before hot footing it to town to drop daughter off at school. A quick trip to mums to see my Aunty, who's down from Wiltshire and a cuppa and 3 rich tea got me to dinner time. Daughter chose dinner for her last day at school and to my surprise she wanted Turkey Dinosaurs! :) It's been years since we had those in the house, but I bowed to her wishes anyway. I didn't want to spoil my points so I had lemon sole fillets with a large salad and a hot X bun to finish. Think I've got 2 points left, but as I'm not hungry, maybe I'll save them for the weekend as we have to go visit mil on Sunday and apparently she's bbq-ing.

28 minutes of step and hula-ing on the Wii completes my day. Phew, I'm shattered!
Hiya, I've not even welcomed you to the site yet!!! :) so a belated welcome and well done on doing so blooming well on your first week" I actually had to reread it...I was like...hang on, 6lbs in one week! I am ooozing jealousy but pleased as punch for you...as they say here, 'A good start is half the work'!!!x
Thanks Siobhan for the welcome, though I'm having a bad day today.

No idea why, I'm tired to the point of exhausted, can't think straight and just feel very down. I'm very sorry to say that I bought and have eaten half a carrot, cake topped with walnuts and some creamy stuff. I all of a sudden wondered why I was doing it, stopped and threw the rest in the bin, so at least that's good, but i have no idea how to point it.

Up till then I'd had 2 x toast & jam for brekkie, 1 dsp of raisins, jacket potato, tuna, onion and a little l/f mayo for lunch.

Supposed to have chicken fillet, bns, peas n cauli for tea - but may well have soup to limit damage, or might go on the Wii again tonight to earn 4.5 points.

Ok, off to my friends now for a cuppa and nothing else!

I really just want to sleep, but no chance till tonight now.


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hi Bubble! :) your diary makes a great read .. as im sure youve heard we all have days like this! I had one yesterday when i ate quiche chips and onion rings and didnt count a single thing! lol ... Ho Hum another day today!.
Try and put your carrot cake down to a week moment and carry on with ww for the rest of today!
Not sure what to suggest re: being tired :( ..

Hope your ok though xx:)
Hi Pixie, Thanks for your comments. I'm going to do as you suggested, just get on with the rest of my day, go on the Wii and have more restraint tomorrow.

I did have 1 highlight though. I saw my friend for the first time in 2 weeks and she thought I'd lost loads of weight. She said it was noticeable round my middle and thigh sides. I suspect that's the Wii toning me up as I don't think 6lbs would have that effect. It was lovely to hear though.

She also thinks that maybe my tiredness is hitting now because daughter is no longer at school and all the stress I've had lately is going to bite me on the bum now it's all quiet on that front. We also know that stress aggravates my ME, so I know that's about again.

Ho hum...tomorrow's another day.

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