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Discover Bubble's WW Discover Diary

Hi all,

New to minimins. A friend told me about it and I thought I would start a diary to try and keep myself focused. If anyone spots any mistakes I make along the way, I'd really appreciate a heads-up! :D Have lost 2 stone in the past with WW discover plan, so have decided to return to it. Studying at the moment and recently left a stressful job, so have been doing way too much comfort eating. Trying really hard to shake that habit, so have joined the gym and I'm trying to exercise instead of eat when I get stressed.

Started back 3 weeks ago and have lost 6lbs so far! :D Have another 20.5 lbs to lose to get to my target. Hoping to have lost a good bit by the end of August when I'm going away with my boyfriend for our anniversary - there's a fab spa in the place we're staying and I'm too self-conscious to wear a swimming suit at the moment!

First two weeks went great. Had a terrible eating day Saturday though. Had to go to an unexpected family BBQ and had a night out and made some seriously unwise food choices while drunk (pizza and rocky road - bad idea!!). Had a sneak peak on the scales this morning and don't seem to have gained, but I'm hoping to save up points this week to compensate. I weigh in on Fridays. Will try to update every morning for the previous day. Should be the easiest way while I'm studying.

So here goes for yesterday...

1/2 Mr Freeze - 0.5
2 toast with a low-fat laughing cow cheese triangle - 2.5
(I hate a wheat intolerance so I eat the small gluten-free slices of bread)
Pepsi Max - 0
Hula hoops - 2

Home-made vegetable soup - 0 (live at home with my mother and she's great for making healthy soups!)
2 quorn burgers, ketchup, 3 potatoes, vegetables - 6.5

Caramel digestive - 1.5
Some salt and vinegar crisps - 1
1 rice-cake - 0.5

Total: 14.5/18
(Saved 3.5 to make up for Saturday)

Was a bit all over the place and I obviously didn't make the healthiest choices yesterday but at least I stayed within my points - in my past, I would have had a huge fry up, salt and vinegar crisps and coke for breakfast after a night out!! Didn't go to the gym yesterday but went for a short walk.

Feel free to drop by and say hi, and hopefully I'll be able to follow your diaries once I get the hang of this site! :)
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Journey to a healthier me
Hey Bubbles! Welcome to mini mins. Well done on your fab weight loss so far!! This forum is great and everyone is so nice and helpful. Hope you're getting around the site ok. Your menu looks yummy. Looking forward to following your diary :) X


Finally Pregnant!!
Hi bubbles..
Well done on your loss thus far and good luck with continued good losses..
Are you ProPointing or using the old WW points system? Am asking coz I notice your using half points.. And saving.. And with the new system there none of either of those.. And I'll be of no help to you with the old points system as I have forgotten almost all values.. Feel free tho to drop me a line if there's anything I possible can with.. Good luck :D
Hey Bubbles, welcome to Minimins :)

Well done on your weightloss so far and your food looked yummy for yesterday :) There are a few girls who weigh in on Fridays including myself, so i look forward to hearing about your losses :) xxx
You're right Angel, everyone on here is great. Can't believe I've gotten so much encouragement already. Thanks a million girls!! :thankyou:

That's great Nicola. I weighed in on Monday the first week but think Friday is a much better option for me because it gives me a few days to make up for any over-indulging at the weekends! :D Will be nice to check out other people weighing in on the same day.

Dubchick, I'm doing it the old way. Have done it before so know all the points and find that it works for me, so gonna stick with what I know! :)

Going to have a look now and try to find yer diaries if ye have ones. Have a feeling my study is going to be a bit neglected today while I browse around minimins! It's so motivating to read about everyone's successes!!


Finally Pregnant!!
Hi bubbles.. Totally agree.. Getting used to the new PP's was a nightmare for me, but now that i'm used have totally forgotten all I used to know in the points..
I have just today started a new diary which I am going to try stick with.. Lost some motivation a few weeks back after having a week in the sun.. Am trying and determined to get back on track tho.. I WILL DO IT!!!
Here to follow bubbles! Another discovery and Friday WI girl here, you've been doing great! So much support here it's the only thing that's made me stick to my plan the past weeks:) any questions feel free to ask, hope your having a super day xx
Good luck Dubchick. Will have a look out for your diary! :) I'm finding the diary a huge help already.

Hi Kimbo :wavey: Thanks for following! Didn't realise there would be so many people doing the discovery plan AND so many Friday WI's. It's brill!! :D

Got absolutely no study done today because I was browsing around minimins all day...oops! So have decided to post up today and tomorrow's foods now. Going to try and avoid coming on until Wednesday so I can focus on my study tomorrow! :fingerscrossed:

Cheerios with rice milk - 3

Gym: 40 minutes on crosstrainer and some (very light) arm weights

3 rice cakes (addicted to the tesco salt & vinegar ones) with a low-fat laughing cow triangle - 1.5
Tea with sweetener - 0
1 square of chocolate - 0.5
(Trying to avoid tea at the moment but I could not for the life of me warm up today so had to have a cup with sweetener. It's just not the same as sugar though!)

Raw carrots - 0

Boiled potatoes, vegetables (cauliflower, mushrooms, fried tomatoes, lettuce), chicken fried with 1-cal spray and paprika - 4.5
(Should have been 5.5 but I didn't finish it all as I was feeling a bit sickly. Could have done with a sauce on it but wanted to save my points for popcorn)

Evening snacks:
Apple - 0.5
Cinema popcorn (going to see Harry Potter..can't wait!) - 3.5
Chupa chup - 0.5
Pepsi max - 0

Points made up from Saturday night: 9 (4 food points & 5 activity points)

Tuesday (This is the plan anyway, will update Wednesday if I don't stick to it. Hoping to donate blood tomorrow evening so going to use up all 18 points so I don't faint!)

Cheerios with rice milk - 3
Freshly squeezed orange juice - 0.5

Homemade vegetable soup - 0
1 bread - 1

Spaghetti bologneise made with beef mince (usually have turkey mince but hoping this might boost my iron levels a bit before donating) and gluten-free pasta shells - 9

Low-fat tesco chocolate bar - 1.5
Other - 2.5 (want to leave some points in case I need something sugary if I feel faint after donating)

Total: 18/18
Points made up from Saturday: 5 (activity points)

Thanks again everyone for the encouragement. Will hopefully have a proper look at your diaries on Wednesday if I have a productive study day tomorrow!! :D
Good Luck for donating, i always admire people who do this - i could never do it myself as i am very squeamish and hate having blood taken! See ya weds x
Well so much for the productive day I had planned. Got a really bad migraine going to bed last night and still feel like crap! :cry: So no gym, study or blood donating for me today!! Feeling very sorry for myself because I'd stopped getting them as frequently as I used to, but this is the second one I've got in the space of a week! Sob!

Better get off this now, or will probably make my head worse. Diet prob going to be all over the place too so will update tomorrow morning!
Thanks Nicola. I'm really lucky that I've never been bothered by injections / giving blood BUT I always seem to either be sick when they come to town or my iron is just under the limit, so have only managed to give it 3 times! Maybe next time...
Oops, doing this on my iPod and hit that by accident.

2 toast and a laughing cow triangle - 2.5
Tea with 3 sugar - 1.5

Tea with 3 sugar - 1.5
Caramel digestive - 1.5
Salt and vinegar tayto - 3

V.small bowl homemade leek and potato soup - 0.5
Homemade stew (just had the veg and a bit of barley) with 2 potatoes - 2.5

2 x tea with sweetener - 0
2 caramel digestives - 3

More soup - 0.5
1 square of choc - 0.5

Just realised I have 1 point left so will prob have 2 more pieces of choc. Really needing my sugar today an wasn't really able for much proper food. Luckily my migraines easing off now so hopefully will be better tomorrow.

Hope everyone else is having a great day! :)