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Buddy needed!?!?!?

I was at work so couldnt talk for long in the private message but im happy and willing to be your buddy, i need help as much as most so would be happy for you to become my buddy
That's cool babe.... Yeh being buddy sounds great... I was a little naughty yesterday so need to put extra effort in today... I've got a gym class this afternoon which I can get to now as my meeting bad Been cancelled, then I might do something tonight too

How was your day yesterday?? X
I had an attack by a evil jam donut, it was staring at me, saying eat me, so oops, i did,

So today we must do better, im on night shifts this week so i cant promise ill be good as its so easy to eat to stay awake
Awww I can so imagine how that must be..,, I'm currenty sat at my desk arguing with myself about going to the gym and I know I will feel so much better if I go I just cannot seem to kick myself up the bum hard enough to go... I have 15 mins to sort my life out before I'll run out of time.... Grrrrrr

Oh and that donut is naughty but I had the same yesterday with a toffee crisp chocolate bar ..... Sob sob

If I'm honest - this morning I was feeling positive but after having sat at my desk for 3 hours doing nothing I'm really feeling crap now and motivation seems to have taken the lift to the top floor and jumped :-(
Ok I'm walking to the gym as I'm typing this and boy am I in a fowl mood.... After all the efforts last week I didn't lose a bean except gained 2 lbs ok star week but it really frustrates me .... This is where I feel like giving up and saying it will never be possible and I hate feeling like this but how can I just lose comfortably each week arrrrrggggg
Buddy cakes, we are the same height and have same goal, i had got from 197 pounds to 150 pounds but ive had a wobble and am 154 pounds, not completly worried as im sure i can rejoin the diet and achieve my goal but i am a little anoyed with myself, its easy to get complacent

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