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Was wondering if anyone wanted to be my buddy, and track our progress together?

I am 5' 5" and started at 14 7, want to get to 11 stone. I'm in week 2 of SS, and lost 7 pounds in my first week.

Thought if there was anyone in a similar position it might be nice to help each other along

I did WW a few years back and my friend was doing Slimming World at the same time, It helped me stay focused having a bit of support and friendly rivalry!!
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I would love to buddy up with you!
I am on day 8 now and lost 5 pounds last week which is a bit less than i wanted but never mind!

I am 5ft 7in and weigh 15st 5 at the mo!
Getting married in July and want to be 10st if not a bit less!
I am currently a size 18 but used to be a size 10 before i had my little girl and my eating habits went wayward!! :eek: :eek:
But i will be back there again! :D

So yeah i will be your buddy!!

Lou xx
Hiya Ill be your buddy i am on my second week now aswell.


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Thanks LoobyLoo85
I wish you all the luck in the world to get down to your goal for your wedding, 5lbs is a great start!
I am hopefully going to Oz sometime this year for a year so want to get down to 11 stone by then.
Look forward to seeing how we get on this week!! I am hoping for 5lbs...

PS Pic of your little girl is v cute!


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Thanks Jayne Greeny - you have had a fab start to your weight loss.
Still trying to find my way round this website, but I'm finding it great so far, and have got a bit addicted already !
Thanks Jayne Greeny - you have had a fab start to your weight loss.
Still trying to find my way round this website, but I'm finding it great so far, and have got a bit addicted already !

thanks alot, i was like that last week on here trying to find my way around but got to say im sorted on here now. Really enjoy coming on here and when i feel alittle bored or low i find coming on here helps me talking to people who know what each other is going through.
and yes it is addictive.:D


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Good luck for Wednesday, hows it going so far?
Time4me - would love to buddies. There seems to be loads of people on here that have been doing it for a while, its nice to meet some newbies!!


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Morning all. Hope you have a good day today
Morning im doing good how about you?

Im busy tidying up and running around after my little girl so not much time to think about food! It when im at work on Thurs and Fri i feel weak and tempted!!
Im hoping for about 5lbs this wk! I figured if i can do about 4 lbs a week i will of cracked it by the wedding!!

When you going to Oz?
I lived there for 2 years with my husband to be! Its amazing we are looking about going back after we get married!
Just getting our trades at the moment so we are both eligible for citizenship!

Good luck for today keep glugging the water down and i will look out for your replies?

Lou xx


MUST get a grip

Hope all ok.... Nasty and raining and I've done no work as I've been playing scrabble blast - I need to get a grip!
1lt water down, half a pack - and still feeling inspired! I still have such positive thoughts as the moment, which is fab!
Its day 9 for me already - I am so going to do this!

Good for you glad you are feeling positive!
I suppose this diet is hard enough without feeling down about it as well!

Im feeling pretty good but i am so much more determined than when i did it before!
i only lasted 2 weeks!
But i had lots of things on my plate!
Now i really want to do it and i am coping much better!

I havent done any work either my little girl is down for a nap so im just doing washing and drying as weather is pants today!!



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Glad everyone is OK - I have been completely stupid and forgotten to bring my shakes to work. I usually have brekkie at work too so will have nothing to eat until I get home. GGGRRR. Well at least I have a good excuse to go early2l water today all ready which is good as usally on do about 2 1/2 per day Hoping to go to Oz June/July time - I send my visa appication off at the end of August so its just waiting now for it to come back. Exciting stuff!! Hopefully it should be OK as I'm a Management Accountant and I think they need more over thereMight need to pop back on here mid afternoon if my tummy starts rumbling in need of SHAKES!!!
Are you wanting to live over there or just go for the year?
You dont need any skilld to go on a holiday visa for a year but if you want to live there you need to aquire points!

Silly you forgetting your shakes!
Just dont crack and think about how nice you will feel on your holiday being all slim and sexy!


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Plan is to go for good, I will need to get a job over there so thats why I'm applying for the visa. Too old now to get a student visa (boo!)The OH has already got his visa, and we said we would go for a year to see if we like it and work have kindly agreed to a Career break. OH bruv lives over there and has done for 12 years, so will hopefully be heading to Melbourne.Had a cup of tea, but starting to feel hungry now. Water is making me feel sick, but hopefully I can leave at 4, be home by 5 and fill my face with shakes!!

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