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Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by Derbynanny, 26 November 2009.

  1. Derbynanny

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    My consultant had a list last night of typical buffet food and I didn't write any down and I have two buffets this week.

    Anyone have the syns for any typical buffet (can not take anything of my own :-() But will be eating soup and yogurt before i go.

  2. cocktailprincess

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    This is part of a feature on the website- I know you can't take your own food, but at least it gives you some syn values!
    Enjoy a buffet bonanza by swapping high-Syn nibbles for healthy options:
    High-Syn nibbles
    A Food Optimising Feast A dunk of cheese & chive dip (4 Syns per tbsp)
    Quark soft cheese (Free), Free raita dip or Houmous (Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice) with carrot, cucumber and pepper strips
    2 mini pork pies (20 Syns)
    Lots of thickly sliced ham/beef/chicken/salmon (Free)
    1 medium sausage roll (11½ Syns)
    Quorn sausages on sticks, chicken drumsticks
    Slice of cheese & onion quiche (7 Syns for 56g slice)
    Slimming World Free quiche
    Prawn spring rolls (5½ Syns each)
    Lots of Free tiger prawns on skewers with cherry tomatoes and squares of pepper
    A handful of Doritos (7 Syns)
    A couple of breadsticks (2 Syns)

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