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Buffybabes food diary

Trying SS myself, and would really like some guidance as to if im going wrong/right. Started again today, and so far this is what ive had:

Tuesday - Red day

Breakfast - Fruit cocktail, alpen light bar (b)
snack - vanilla/choc mullerlite, skimmed milk (a)
Lunch - scrambled eggs (2 eggs), tangerine
Tea - 4 quorn sausages, gammon steak, mushrooms, tomato
snack - alpen light bar (b)

may have another mullerlite if hungry before bed.

Would really like to lose a few pounds before 27th feb before i go into hospital for my op.

I tend not to eat that much between 9-3 when im at work, then stuff my face when i come home, xx ;) xx
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Wednesday -
sort of same as yesterday - is that bad?

Tuesday - Red day

Breakfast - 2 x weetabix (b), skimmed milk (a) alpen light bar (b)
snack - manderine mullerlite,
dinner - scrambled eggs (2 eggs), 4 quorn sausages, gammon steak, tomato
snack - vanilla mullerlite

did workout at gym today

may have another mullerlite if hungry before bed.
Try and vary your meals Huni, otherwise your body gets used to eating the same thing and the weight losses will be slower. Also just noticed that you only put the one Alpen light bar, when you can have 2 as one HeB. So you are missing out there.
The idea is that you have 1 HeA (or 2 depending on your preference - I choose 1 as I always have done) and you have 2 HeB.
Make sure that if anything is mentioned as a weight dont guesstimate the amount, weigh it properly otherwise you could be having too much and going over on your syns.
I hope this makes sense?!


thanks Mrs V - your advice is really appreciated. I tend to eat lots of the same sort of things, so i will try really hard not to. Im getting a new freezer delivered tomorrow, so no excuse on stocking up. And well done on your fab weight loss ;)

This is what ive had today (red day):

brekkie - 2 x weetabix (b) with
skimmed milk (a)
snack at work - 1 alpen lite (b), banana
tea time - omlette with chicken and mushroom and mullerlite yoghurt

before i go to bed having options hot chocolate yummy - 2 syns

exercise for today: worked out at gym. was meant to go running but weather so horrible (well thats my excuse). Arranged to run on Monday eve instead.

Got my birthday on Sunday. My hubby said he is going to take me out for meal on sat (awwww), but bit nervous about what to have - he ends up getting annoyed if i get picky !! Any suggestions?

Trying not to have too many syns.... just in case !!

Off to take dog for a brisk walk soon - she is loving the exercise. 2 long walks per day hee hee.
I would just concentrate on having a lovely time with your Hubby Hun and not worry about the plan, just make sure that you get back on track the next day and reduce your syns.
Have a lovely weekend Huni and enjoy your birthday!!!


thankyou, i will. Think we are going for something to eat then the cinema, not sure what to see yet, but will be nice to get out.

been really busy today, but this is what ive had - on the run...

brekkie - 2 x wholemeal toast (b) with jam (not sure how many syns but say 4)

lunch - fruit - lots n lots

tea - cottage cheese, yoghurt (weight watchers fromage freis - not sure how many syns but say 2)

snack - gonna have my options hot choccie l8r - luv my choccie fix. 2 syns

total 8 syns

going to visit my gran in hospital tonight, did have bunch of grapes to take but been picking at them (im bad), also got her heaps of magazines, so wont let on about the grapes :eek:

got my new freezer today, so going for freezer food tomorrow. no excuse for not planning anymore.

not done any exercise today, apart from 2 hours of housework (my day off).

will write soon. xxxxxx:Dxxxxxx

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