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bug me :D


i love minimins me :)
i know i cant stick to this diet long enough to loose the weight i want to loose, cos my will power... well i just cant find it, i soooo badly want to loose weight and i am in the right mind but still cant do it :( was even thinkin of not goin to my work crimbo party and my family crimbo meal this year cos of my size :(

new plan is its my crimbo party on 6th dec so thinkin ss till then, (i have enough packs in) so i will feel better for my party, without feeling bloated etc, its also my mams birthday on 16th dec do ya think if i manage to stick to 2 weeks on ss that i can trick my will power to last me till crimbo? or should i just give up and do ww?

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Stacey, really only you can answer that one.........how determined do you feel???

We can offer you all the support here you need but at the end of the day it has to be you that decides what enters your mouth.....

I hope I don't come across as neg here, but I could say YES you can do it, and you truly could if you 100% want it badly enough.

Good luck with your decision hun x...we are here!


i love minimins me :)
i think i actually have a problem with food, i do this diet and feel fantastic, dont feel hungry etc, but then as soon as i see food i have to eat it, i no after 2 mins its gone and it was never worth eating it but i still do it, but my depression is at an all time low atm and my weight is the reason its got so bad, i am determined to manage till my crimbo party cos i know in the 2 weeks it will make the difference off feelin fat and horrible, or feelin overweight but doing something about it :) 2 weeks and then i shall review :D

thanks hun :)

You can do it hun!!! Why dont you DECIDE to SS up until christmas eve - have christmas eve and christmas day off (but eat low carb and don't go mad) then SS again.
Would be so much better than doing the whole "2008 will be my year to lose weight", you could lose 20lbs before jan 1st 2008!!!

Good luck hun, i know exactly what you must be feeling right now xx


i love minimins me :)
thanks leah :)

i know ya right :) and i suppose it is only 5 weeks :) which could mean droppin from a tight 18 to a comfy 16 instead its mad cos i am soooo determined to loose weight, and me and my OH have been talkin bout gettin engaged too, so thats another reason to loose weight i jus need to build up on my will power, shall we do this together till crimbo?

yes we shall. But, i need you to do me a favour first....

Take some time to decide if you really are going to SS all the way to crimbo eve and let me know - it's defo my plan so feel free to join me, but i will bug you. I will text you and tell you i'm feeling crap and i'll need a kick (and i'll be giving you SUCH harassment about sticking:))

This may help you: By the new year, you could have gone 1/3 of the way towards target! That's soooo much! Plus, look at your BMI, you could go from "obese" to "overweight" before Santa comes.

No pressure tho chick, i'll still love ya if you decide to only SS for a day :D!


i love minimins me :)
no i promise promise promise to ss until crimbo eve, and thats cos i celebrate crimbo day on crimbo eve with my mam and step dad, are u doing an aam week? cos i think if i do then it will be my biggest downfall, i need to just have nothin but shakes and water for 5 weeks, but i have decided not to get weighed, but just to see how my clothes are feeling

oo but the exception of ss will be my crimbo party but i will stick to diet coke etc :) and my mams birthday as were havig a night out but i will stick to diet drinks

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Stacey you sound exactly like me at the moment. I REALLY want to lose the weight and diet ........... and start SS well - then food comes along and I EAT! It's like I'm sabotageing my best efforts. I stood on the scales this morning and found I'm going UP and UP - so either I do something about it - or I'll be going from a (tight) 16 up to an 18 or more by Christmas ... which means I'll look and feel awful. If I can STOP it today and SS until Christmas I can be a comfortable 16, maybe even a 14, and as Leah says 2 days off eating sensibly and back on and 2008 can see me in a size 14 and then on it's down to the 12 I want.

So I pledge to start today - your post and my weigh in this morning has convinced me .... help and support me and I'll do the same to you. We CAN do it! Here's to Christmas day feeling and looking better!
I decided not to do AAM week - instead (cos christmas will fall on AAM or just after it :D) im going to take crimbo eve, day and boxin day off but eat sensibly (and i MEAN sensibly) and make totally sure i drink around 6litres a day to flush it all out. Hopefully will be back in ketosis for the new year.

I'm also going to make sure i write a list of things i hope to eat on those days - and then a list of what i actually do eat!
Looking on good food guides about lowering calorie intake over xams - some good ideas! Like basting the turkey/chicken in apple juice instead of oil, putting it to sit on a wire grill tray while roasting so that it isnt sitting in its fat, no eating the skin, avoid the dark meat....

Main thing is the booze and salt intake, stick to vodka or gin, diet mixers(or coke zero) and it's simply not worth drinking wine!

Fab fact too - only 9 cals in a sprout!! i LOVE them :)
Right then, so we are doing this - my number is 07912 936 985, text me yours!

Weight now to see what you are and dont weigh again till chrimbo eve hun, will make you so proud knowing how many pounds have gone! xxx


i love minimins me :)
:D thats the thing with me am not just staying the same i am putting weight on, and it has to stop, since being with my boyfriend i have put on around 2 stone :eek: so thats my first target in weight, is to be back to how i was when we first met (not that he is bothered bout my size) oo the other thing i am looking forward to is havin nice clear skin again like i do when i am ss'ing

so heres to me, beverley and leah :)

yes, text away :) i PROMISE to be a severe welsh pain in the ar*e xxxx
Oooh, Bug me thread sounds goooooooooooood!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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OOOO and me please!!!

I can get through the week with no problems at all, but come the weekend I crumble!! Why I do it to myself I don't know and I have soo much weight to loose!
I would love to be a comfortable 20/22 for Christmas, so I need a kick up the butt to get my head around weekend binges!!!
YES! definately xxxxxxxx

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