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Buggered up!


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Posted earlier about getting positive comments.... Well I've just eaten Singapore vermicelli and a crunchy! Blooming ruined a good day! Know I'll be back on it Tomoz and have some making up to do, but feeling a bit down now. It's 2am and I've eaten sooo much and won't be able to sleep. Why do we do this ey...self sabotage!
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I'm right there with you, Becky. I'm finding it very hard to get back into the swing of things since my stay in hospital. Not being able to exercise is really putting a dampener on my flow of mojo lol and then of course I find myself listening to that little devil on my shoulder telling me, "it's alright Mandy, have a sweet... have three..." It's getting harder to resist.

Chin up! I'm sure one night won't ruin it for you hun! And if you have a little STS this week because of it - which I'm sure you won't - it'll bolster your motivation for next week!
Becky, you've not messed up, you've just learnt a valuable lesson - you just don't take compliments well!!!

I don't know about you, but I've been overweight all of my adult life and now the compliments are coming, I don't know how to handle them!! I get scared of gaining and start wigging out about putting the weight back on. You get scared of people seeing the real you and try to hide behind food.

I think that food will always be our comfort and protector, but hopefully we will learn that when we need the familiar security, we'll reach for syn free stuff.

Focus on how well you have done, FOR YOU and not for their compliments. YOUR acheivements are fabulous and you know that one meal will not undermine what you have done so far, unless you don't get back on track tomorrow.

Good luck for the morning and the rest of the week.


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I've been like that for a good few days now. Need to give myself a kick up the bum.

I never understand my mind. I get down about the way I look and to cope with that I eat everything in sight and put on more weight. Well done, me!

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S: 23st12lb C: 19st0.5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 41.7 Loss: 4st11.5lb(20.21%)
Woke up feeling terrible. Defo back on it today but feel so guilty! It's horrible isn't it how food makes you. I saw something somewhere about food being the hardest drug to kick. It said if someone is addicted to cigarettes or something they can just cut them out as they don't need them to survive but we all need food, so everyday we have to have some of our DRUG and try to limit it. It's so true and I don't think I realised the full extent of my problem until last night when I waited till 2am for everyone to go to bed just so I could eat someone else's left over vermicelli! Yuk!
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I know how you feel. So far since wi I've had 2 days compoletley off plan for no reason what so ever, went a chinese all you can eat for tea on friday and cooked a lasagne using cheese, butter, milk and LOADS of cheese for the sause. :(
I dont understand why I did this at all, epsecially when I like it the good way just as much!
Trying to find a pen to draw that line today, but i know the week is going to be a write off. :(
Take them compliments youve been recieving and place them firmly in your mind and think about them everytime you reach for something you dont want/ cant have.
Good luck, we CAN do this x
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I know how you feel too, yesterday had birthday cake about 4 slices of quiche about 6 thorntons chocolates then was hungry when I went home and had singapore chow mein....

so this morning I made a pan of magic soup before coming to work and have had monkfish curry and rice for lunch with from frais and berries, have got magic soup and scan bran for tea and some fruit.....

come on girlies lets get back on it, one day is only one day
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We all have bad days, we are only human after all!!
draw a line under your day, get up fresh tomorrow and get back on track. Go to group (if you dont do it on line) to stay "honest" and you be fine in no time, dont think that i have had a bad day i will miss group cos that is the worst thing you could ever do (i think) it happened to my hubby and before he knew it it was half stone put on :( then a stone etc
Good luck with your weight loss journey :D:D

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