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Builders ....

:mad: Yesterday I was walking along in my black work skirt suit and heels, feeling reasonably smart and good about myself because of my losses, when I walked past a bunch of young builders sitting on the pavement having their lunch. They were giving passing women marks out of 10. Now, I would consider myself at 41 to be "off their radar" but unfortunately, no. One of them looked at me and said "I'd give her a f*cking ZERO" and the other said "But she's got huge t*ts though" whereupon they all laughed. I carried on walking a few steps and thought "NO! I am NOT just taking this!" so I spun on my heel and gave them the middle finger. Their jaws just about hit their knees in shock. I was still upset though. Anyway thought I'd get it off my (admittedly large) chest ....:eek:
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i love minimins me :)
oh hun

:( i ber u r gorgeous :) ur clearly way better than any of them and they were jealous

chin up hun

we all love ya :)
what a bunch of S**t heads!! honestly, doesn't that make you cross :mad:. who bloody gave them permission to make judgements about others .... sooooo wrong.

Ok rant over!

Sweetie, good for you with your fast response and determination! I know it didn't stop you being upset, but I bet there was some satisfaction to be had from stopping them in there tracks x


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good on u for giving them the finger, obviously they feel a bit insecure in themselves to degrade women like this
Ooh this hit a nerve with me.

I once went to a wimmins' group (about 20 years ago) and the only time I cried (in all of the horridness of my childhood etc) was when I was describing how appalling it made me feel to walk past a building site and to be judged by this horrid breed of men.

(I know not all of them do it, but it is a stereotype with a grain of truth PLUS I married a feckin builder, so I should know! lol).

Alas, these days, I'm more likely to do a Joanna out of Green Wing and, if they don't whistle, go back and rip off my shirt to give them another chance!!!!

I think you were remarkably restrained to merely give them the finger. I would have been tempted to either a) hit them with a torrent of foul language that they hadn't even heard of or b) given them a schoolmarmy lecture on good manners!

I think you retained your dignity beautifully and should take comfort in the fact that you probably earn twice as those low-life do!

They simply couldn't afford you, darling!!!!


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