Building muscle-is it possible?


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Hello everyone

Like many here, I'm starting exante in January and looking forward to a (much) thinner 2012! I have a quesion about toning though....I've read it can take a good 3-4 weeks to settle into this diet and you can gradually increase your activity level over the weeks (especially if you were already active to begin with) My question is it actually possible to tone and 'sculpt' your body whilst on this diet? What I mean, is it realistic to think I would manage 3 body pump classes per week? I have read that it's medically impossible to increase muscle mass whilst on a VLCD. I'm looking to lose 5st +, so if anyone out there has had a big weight loss but aso managed to change their body through exercise, I'd love any pointers!

Many thanks, Mhorag
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3 body pump classes a week seems very intense... are you already at a decent level of fitness? With quite a large amount of weight to lose i don't think i would recommend it. I find that light exercise is manageable on a VLCD and this in itself sculpts and tones when combined with the weightloss. There is quite a difference between toning, and building muscle mass - exercise will tone your muscles and they will naturally through exercise increase, but building muscle mass considerably is quite different, and on a vlcd i think you'd struggle with the intensity. For toning and sculpting i'd really recommend pilates, what it does to your body is amazing, and as for high intensity aerobic exercise, i'd start light and build up to what you're comfortable with, we're all different x


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After 8weeks on lighterlife i went back to the gym and did bodypump, dancefit and aqua classes and ran (3times a week) and i was fine (smaller losses though) but i did make sure i had a bar before i went and my evening shake soon after. I felt i did tone up alot and i've noticed that on exante this time, i haven't gone back to the gym yet and i am wobblier! Running was far easier than it was before the diet but that was fat weighing me down.

ditto to thetrigos above, take it easy and build up to more when you feel ready :)