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'Busy's WW diary...Day 2 of restart & 100%


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Hi Guys,
i have just spent most of my morning reading all the fab diary threads on here and i have to say they are fab. I really feel like i have got to know each of you all a little better now.

So i thought 'hey why not, i have never done a diary thread before and hopefully it will keep me on track'

so here it goes:

As some of you might know i did LL last yr for 4 months and lost 5.7 st getting down to 12st 13 the lowest i ever been in my whole life. Anyway i found it more and more difficult to afford LL so thought i would change to CD, but my big mistake was having a couple of weeks off in between :sign0007:
anyway i could never get back on track again after that. So since september of last yr i have messed about with cd, slimming world and ww and here i am 3st heavier:cry:

Had a very bad xmas and new year, we lost my dear mother in law to liver cancer and we only knew she had for 2 wks before she died, so i turned to the only thing i know that comforts........food!!!!

I really feel like i am turning a corner at the moment, i still miss her dearly, she was like a mum to me i have been with my DH since i was 16 (now34) so she was a huge part of my life and i saw her every day. Anyway like i say i feel i am ready now to start again, i have been trying Slimming world, but to be honest its just not for me, i like ww cos i can snack if i want to i can eat meals if i want to amd i can eat fruit only if i want to as long as i stay in my points.

I was going to join a class tonight but have just looked on the website and there is one neared to me tomorrow morning so i shall go there, it easier for me in the day as well. I am started the plan tomorrow though so i shall keep you posted on how i get on.

Love BusyXX:wavey::wavey:
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Is it nearly October yet?
Im so sorry about the death of your MIL, I know what it is like to loose someone dear to you suddenly. Its great that you are motivated and ready to back to being slim like before. The very best of luck.!!! XXXXX


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S: 15st6lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.2 Loss: 2st9lb(17.13%)
aw, im so so sorry to hear about your loss.

The very best of luck pet, really looking forward to another diary to nose about at :D
Good luck with your meeting tomorrow!

It'll be good to have another diary to read - I look forward to seeing how you get on.


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Well, i am joining a class this morning at 10.00am so wish me luck. Made abit of a boo boo to be honest, i got up this morning and had my cup of tea..............and before i knew what i was doing i had eaten about 6 biccies arghhhhhhh:sign0007:. Oh well never mind i shall draw a line and still start today as from now,:party0019:.

I have to say i am really bervous about going because i have joined this same class many times before and i feel abit embaressed, just hoping that the leader dosen't say anything.

love BusyXX


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Well i joined and it was fine......the leader was lovely she just said it was nice to see me again that was it which was great:D

So i got all the bits i need, bought some toffee bars and i am ready to go,lol.

She said the points system is the same and my old calulator, shopping guide, and eating out guide will be fine so thats good as well.

I am going to have a really good read of everything tonight, then i shall settle down with my ww toffee bar and Big Brother :p:p

Hope you are all having a good day so far!!

I shall keep you all posted.

Lots of love BusyXXX
Well after planning to start yesterday it didn't happen:( so today is my first day. Just had a cup of coffee with 'the one' milk, my leader recommended it yesterday, it has the same points as skimmed but tastes like semi-skimmed and i have to say it really does taste like semi so thats a bonus, looking forward to my cereal now, i really don't like skimmed milk so i am really excited about this dscovery (OMG how sad is that), anyway hopefully it might help some of you o know about this milk, you get it in the supermarkets and it has a lilac lid.

Sorry, i have just realised that i have really rambled about milk hahahaha!!!!

love Busy XX
well Day one done, really enjoyed it actually. Nice to feel in control again, so here i go started day 2, wish me luck!!!

Heres my menu for yesterday i have 25 points

1 pint skimmed milk 2
bowl cinnamon grahams 2
rice cakes 2
chicken 2
roast potatoes 2.5
gravy 1
yorkie pud 1
mash 1.5
veggies 0
ww sundae 2.5
3x ww thick bread 3
ww beans 2
yoghurt 1
ww mints 1
ww bar 1.5

total 25

does this sound ok?

I feel like i have eaten loads:eek: so not sure if i am eating the right sort of thing. I am not a lover of fruit etc so hoping that i can get away with eating veggies.

Anyway guys hope you all have a gud day!

Love Busy XX
So here I am Day 3 just beginning.

Day 2 was another great day for me so i am so pleased, normally i dread the weekends on diets but i am not feeling that way at all today i know that i can do this diet throught the weekend no problems.

Food diary for yesterday was:

skimmed milk - 2
30g cinnamon grahams - 2
Tesco H/L chicken tikka - 7.5
spring roll - 2
poppadums -1
noodles - 3
Qourn pieces -1.5
sweet and sour sauce - 2
Haribo lite - 1.5
Fruities -0.5
WW bar - 1.5
Morrisons snack - 0.5

Total - 25

Hope you all have a good saturday!!

Bye For now

Love Busy XX


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Hey hun!! Nice to see you're doing so well. As you've probably seen from my diary I lasted all of a couple of hours on CD before I decided it's not for me.

I love my milk - but I have to admit I love Skimmed milk, I wouldn't be able to drink a glass of semi, but I could easily get through a pint of skimmed in no time. Delicious!

How's your weekend been? :D


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Wow Busy! That must feel like a feast after CD. Good to hear WW is going well for you:clap:
Hello everyone,
Feeling abit sheepish today:sigh:
After all my positivity about the weekend, well i was great on Saturday all day. Then yesterday i was bad bad bad, started off well the by the afternoon i was picking then we went out for a chinese buffet so it all went wrong again!!!!

Nevermind, i have drawn a line under it all now and have been very very good today, so i hope its safe to say i am back on track!!!!!

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Lots of Love Sadie XXX


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We all have off days hun (or in my case off weeks) so don't beat yourself up. Be proud that it only lasted a day and that you're back on the plan! You can do this! :D xxx
Been for my first weigh in this morning, i am abit dissapointed i only 1.5 lbs, it dosen't sound very good does it ? for a 1st week, I know i still lost but it thought it might have been more, maybe i ate more chinese than i thought lol. Nevermind i shall keep going cos i have to say i am really enjoying it. I am off on holiday on Monday, going to Hemsby for the week with the kids, hoping to point as much as possible.

Hope you are all getting on ok.

Love Busy XX
Waheyyyy!!!! just had to post and say i managed to change my thread title all by myself, you are right it is a bit tricky but i got there in the end.:party0049:

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