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Butt3rb34n's Motivation Booster Food Diary


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S: 15st5.5lb
Hi all, I have been doing Slimming world for 4months and have lost 3stone 2.5 so far following Extra Easy, this week I had an unexpected gain so have decided to post my own food diary to keep me motivated.

Will start off with yesterday (Weigh In Day)
B- satsuma
L- Salmon Salad (lettuce, cucumber, spinnach and pepper) followed by another satsuma, a banana and a Ryvita Fruit Crunch (1/2B)
T- Chips, Beans and Cheese (HexA) with a poached egg and salad (lettuce, spinnach, pepper, cucumber and mushroom)
finished this off with a bowl of melon and pineapple with 1.5tbsp sweetened natural yogurt
Sup- Orange, Ryvita Fruit Crunch (1/2B)

Had no syns at all, just didn't feel like having any. Does this sound ok so far this week?

Thanks xx
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S: 15st5.5lb
Forgot about this.
Mum came to visit this weekend so had a good weekend but didn't go off plan too much synod it all for 40 syns so really want to keep the rest of the week within 30 syns as usually I'm a 5syns a day type o$ girl. Hopefully this boost in syns may help with losses.

So far today I've had:
B: over flowing bowl of melon, pineapple, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, banana, kiwi, pomegranate and sweetened natural yogurt.
L: um can't decide think Ill have salmon pate on ryvita with a big salad. Had the pate with 2 crispbreads (3syns), lettuce, spinach, spring onions, pepper, reddish and cucumber.
T: scallops on a bed of spinach, pepper, cucumber, reddish, peas, sweetcorn, carrot, spring onions and pineapple salsa.
Pud: lemon hifi (hexb)
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S: 15st5.5lb
Been a proper piggy today and just had a big bowl of fruit again like I had for breakfast, however much rather that than the goodies which were available at work!


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S: 15st5.5lb
Had a busy morning today so didn't have time for breakfast.
L: Banana, followed by a bowl of beans and 2 poached eggs
T: Mince Ragu (tinned tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, spring onion, peas, sweetcorn, garlic, herbs), spaghetti, bread roll (b) topped with garlic herbs and cheese (A), rest of cheese went on my pasta and sauce. Had 1/3 plate of salad (lettuce, spinnach, raddish, pepper, cucumber).

Will more than likely have a big bowl of fruit again tonight before bed!

Plans for tomorrow so far: Working 6:30 until ... not sure yet could be 11 or could be 3 then main meal will be something out of the freezer which I prepared last week :)

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