Butterflybow's WW Diary (Story of a re-starter)

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Food Diaries' started by butterflybow, 26 December 2012 Social URL.

  1. butterflybow

    butterflybow Full Member

    Hi everyone!

    I hope I'm doing this right, I've always wanted a weight loss diary on this site so here I go! I think it will help me to stick to plan if other people apart from me know when I am being naughty.

    To add some about me. I am 22 and a part-time worker /post-grad student. I was at my heaviest at 14 stone in Jan 2012 when I started going to meetings. I lost 24lb and I was absolutely ecstatic, thinking that I had finally kicked the behind of the fat girl inside of me. Silly me however decided to quit meetings and I gradually gained around 13lb at time of writing this (pesky Christmas! :break_diet:).

    I have tried quite a few things since gaining weight (Medical XLS tablets, Dukan & Atkins. I lasted less than 24 hours on Atkins and Dukan ! It seems like WW is the only approach that will really suit my eating habits. I like to snack a LOT, this not really being friendly with most diet approaches. Besides, as everyone says, it should be a life change and not a diet :rolleyes:

    So here it is. I will start tomorrow as today I have eaten quite a few Cadbury Heroes ('tis the season!) I will consume 29 PP a day and I will track it here. If anyone reading this ever thinks "Hey, she's kidding herself thinking that ? is ?? PP, please point this out! I appreciate all feedback, even if it's just someone shouting "PUT DOWN THE FORK!!!!".

    Thanks for reading and wish me luck please!
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  3. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    Good luck hun! I'm starting again next week, too much temptation in my house and too many plans involving food lol! Been nice to have a break though :)
  4. butterflybow

    butterflybow Full Member

    Ok so my previous attempt failed due to the time of year I think. Also I had no WW food shopping in so I was very unprepared! I have started today though and I have done very well if I may say so :D

    B: Muller Light (2) Adsa vitality bar (2) fruit.
    L: 4 pieces crusts away with a little marmite (5)
    Individual Garlic & Coriander naan (10 - was not worth it!)
    D: WW bacon, toast & poached egg (8)
    S: WW crisps x 2 (4) hot choc (1)

    Total 32 pp, 2 weekly used (30 is my weekly according to WW online)

    So a good first day for me considering my previous record ! I need to cut down on the bready products tomorrow and have a proper dinner! But anyway, size ten jeans here I come :p
  5. Jennjennx

    Jennjennx Silver Member

    Good luck hun :) I'm here to follow, your food looks great :) you sound really motivated. We can do this!! Lose this weight for good :D. There's so many great people on here and if you ever feel rubbish everyone is always here to help. So good luck and looking forward to seeing your progress xox
  6. butterflybow

    butterflybow Full Member

    Thank you, I am feeling very do or die about this so fingers crossed I can get there :rolleyes: There's nothing else I want more right now.
    We can do it!!!!!
  7. butterflybow

    butterflybow Full Member

    Hi everyone (anyone??)

    Today is not going well! I have used all my points and 7 weeklies and it's not even 9pm yet :( I am starving and feeling a glass of wine!
    Looking at my diary today I deserve it, I must stop snacking.

    B: Muller light, vitality bar, babybel light (no time for real breakfast). hot choc (6)
    L: Crust away sandwich with light cheese slice and walkers baked (8). WW crisps (2)
    D: brown rice, tuna & salad (12)
    pud: muller light, fruit, WW cake slice (4)

    Last night I couldn't sleep and had a sandwich with two light cheese slices (4). I think that my awful sleeping pattern is not helping. I feel so guilty for using my weeklies even though I always used every one and still lost 1-3.5lb a week. I think I will just have to use them up until my body adapts to the calorie deficient and suffer at the weekend :D I simply cannot sleep when hungry!
  8. emmalouise82

    emmalouise82 Full Member

    Hi :0) here to subscribe. You're doing well!

    I've restarted today x
  9. butterflybow

    butterflybow Full Member

    Thank you, I thought I was doing awful but I suppose that as long as I'm good at the weekend I should still lose :) Cheers for the support!
  10. gibb1992

    gibb1992 Full Member

    Your doing great Hun! Ur not going into you weeklies by loads so try not to put yourself down too much! When your weeklies are gone I will tell you to put the fork down lol! I'm 20 and weighed today :( 12st13lb hoping to be 11 stone by may! Not gonna happen but somthing to dream for :) I'm also on 29pp but only manged 16pp for today! Think I may be getting ill lol! Just haven't felt hungry all day for some reason! I know I'm gonna wish I anit them all tomorrow haha!! Anyways Hun good luck and ill be here to support you every step of the way :) xxx
  11. I think you are doing great keep up the good work
  12. butterflybow

    butterflybow Full Member

    Hi guys,
    Well this failed shockingly. I seem to have zero control around food right now :(
    So for now I have moved to Slim & Save (on day 2 and still alive :eek:). Hoping to go to WW after a moth or so, after reeducating my appetite a little and getting some motivating weight loss done.
    Thanks for the support though and sorry I failed :sigh:

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