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Butternut Squash

Hi Sarah-Jayne,

I dare say you'll get other methods but I peel mine using normal veg peeler, cut in half lengthwise, scoop out seeds & then just cut into chunks. Spray with FL and roast as potato.
I also love boiling it with sweet potato, onion & herbs/spices and blitzing into a lovely soup (lentils & chick peas can be added if preferred).


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I have it most days, it's amazing! It's one of my favourite SW food finds :D

As said above, peel with potato peeler, cut into chips, spray with frylight, sprinkle with cracked black pepper, and roast for about 40 mins.
Love the soups! Especially with roasted red pepper.
I just peel it with a knife, scoop out seeds and spray with fry light. Not sure how long to roast it.


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Yeah you should peel it but if you already cut it up and it's too difficukt to get the skin off not to worry! just stick it in the oven and when it's ready to serve the skin should come off easily :D


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You don't have to peel it. A friend of mine used to bbq it and it always had the skin on. I leave it on if I can't be bothered to peel and it's fine but sometimes just a bit tougher round the edge. Should be fine if you're roasting it though.
omg i love butternut squash, i have it most days lol

I peel it, and chop it into chips place on baking tray and spray with fry light, add salt and pepper, crumbled chicken stock or liquid stock, and sometimes herbs or other seasoning
i never peel it, roast it in skin..chop it lengthways in half take seeds out spray with frylight put a clove of garlic in the bit where the seeds were, lovely.


Baby-belle said:
Is it a super free food?
It sure is!
I love it as chips, mashed, roasted (like roast potatoes) and in risotto & curries!
It's so versatile. I discovered it whilst weaning my son 8 years ago, I have never looked back


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I love it as chips, I also discovered it through weaning! Trouble is it seems to be the one veg my daughter doesnt like lol

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Quick tip:

After peeling, scooping and dicing, just add some olive oil and brown it in a large pan for about 5 minutes.
Add some curry powder, water and milk (proportion 2-to-1) and let it simmer for 30 minutes.
Then blend it :)

It's magically filling :)

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