Buxton 1ltr bottles


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Hi guys i know a few of us struggle getting the water down and i was one until i discovered Buxton 1ltr bottles!! They are about 36p at Tesco and you can just keep refilling. They really don't look like they hold a ltr but they do and because they have a sports bottle top they are easu to drink from and easy to carry around.
Just thought i'd share the tip as it really made a difference for me. Good luck guzzling!:D
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great minds think alike hey?
I do the exact same & it defo helps me drink more water


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I use the Volvic 1 litre bottles with the sports caps at work and try to finish them both during the day, though I use half of one for the lunchtime shake but then also tend to have a coffee at Elevenses so that makes it up a little bit. I then use a pint glass of sparkling water when at home and probably drink 2-3 them before bed.

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Stinky, that is a good way to keep tabs on your intake. I started the same thing after a few weeks. I keep two on my desk and have another two at home and one in the car. I keep them refilled from a water filter and this keeps me topped up all day. Some days I feel I'll float away.