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C25k - Anyone fancy the challenge with me?

I love the sound of this Terri! Is there a phased approach and running schedule or do you just gradually build up to the 5k??

I'm keen to get stuck back into exercising properly and this looks like a good way to get started.

I'm in!
I've never heard of it, what is it?
I've set myself a challenge this year of doing the Prince's Trust Palace to Palace cycle ride in September - 45 miles.... which is about 40 miles further than I've ever cycled before! And roughly 44 miles further than I can cycle at the moment... anything that helps me to get fit sounds like a great plan, is that what this is?

thanks, xx
I downloaded it on my ipod, the first day starts with walking then 1 min jogging then walking etc with the aim to get you running the 5k eventually, it's couch to 5k. Gonna start this week, you can play your normal music then it beeps when you need to change the pace
I've got that - I've done day one twice motivate myself to continue during the week - I'll do it with you, it'll give me the motivation to get moving and back into exercise. What day are you starting? :)
Oooh, it looks like a really sensible plan. Thank you for posting it. I think I may join you, but use my bike instead. I'm planning on going out for my first cycle this afternoon, so will try and do the 20-30 minutes like it said. Feeling a bit of a wimp, so think I'll keep going round the block, so I don't have to push the bike back too far if I get stuck!


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I can't recommend this plan highly enough. It totally works. After 8 weeks I could run for 35 or even 45 minutes on my treadmill without stopping. If you don't feel ready to advance to the next step, you can just repeat the week you're on. :)

On the bike now though due to dodgy knees. :(
I'm planning on going out for my first cycle so think I'll keep going round the block, so I don't have to push the bike back too far if I get stuck!
HI cybill
Thats all i did last year and i lost 2st 6lb. I like you was concerned i would not get back Ive just started again and again im staying local. Its all good fun that way and not to much of a worry.
I plan to d the 9 miles round trip to my mums in about a wk or 2.

My son rides 20 miles on a sunday and 30 miles round trip to work afew days a wk. I dont know how they do it:eek:

Im hooked onthe wind in my hair and i wont give up:)

That ipod thingy sounds great i love running too.

Good luck everyone. x


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I'd forgotten we had this thread on here. Wow, it's amazing to read that it's only 4 weeks ago that I was just going round the block. I've been following the plan (kind of), and this weekend managed a 9 mile ride, cycling over to a friend's and then back again. I'm really proud of myself that I've stuck to it so far and managed to get to 9 miles. (I've set myself a challenge to do Palace to Palace in September, which is 45 miles from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle - still feeling pretty daunted about that one at the moment! I drove 45 miles yesterday and can't quite comprehend that I'm planning on being able to cycle that far this year! - I'm just going to keep at it one day / week at a time and see what happens!


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It's slowed down... but that's totally because of what I've been eating! It's just all happened at the same time. I hope that now I'm getting back on track with the diet, that the increased exercise may help the weight loss too! It's certainly helping me to feel better, which is great.

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