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c27858's food diary

Well, I've just been to my second class......1st week lost half, this week put on 1lb. I've really tried and thought I was doing it right, but maybe I'm not. So I think it might help if I put my food on here and maybe some of the more experienced members might be able to help.

Week 1
23/07/10 Extra Easy
B: SW quiche with quorn bacon pieces (frozen) (free according to sw database), mushrooms, peppers and spring onion.
Grapefruit and orange segments (fresh)

L: Smoked trout, peas, salad veg, kiwi fruit, nectarine

D: Lamb Kebab grilled, made with lamb mince, onion and spices cooked on George Forman. Courgette & carrot salad.

1/2 syn roulade (recipe on this forum) with raspberries in.

hea: 175ml skimmed milk
1 x baby bel cheddar
heb: Stewed apple and blackberries

2 tbsp brown sauce 2
low fat yogurt (Morrisons less than 3% greek) 100g 1 syn
roulade 1/2 syn
olive oil 1.5 syn

total syns 5
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Oops forgot jacket potato with fromage frais from yesterdays tea.

24/07/10 extra easy

B: sw quiche as per 23/07/10
grapefruit and orange segments (fresh)

L: Sweet Potato soup (recipe on this forum)
Baked beans on toast (heb)
Kiwi, nectarine

D: Prawn curry & rice (recipe on this forum)
Melon, pineapple, strawberries and raspberries as a fruit salad

HEA 175ml skimmed milk
HEB 2 slices wholemeal bread from small loaf at lunch

2 tbsp brown sauce 2 syns
Starbucks light frappuccino coffee 9 syns
honey 2.5 syns

Total syns 13.5 (total so far 18.5)


B: quiche as per previous days
1 orange

L: Tuna and egg salad, fresh peas in salad

D: Chicken, lemon and garlic casserole (recipe from SW calendar oct 2010) with peppers and courgette.
Fruit salad.

HEA 350 ml skimmed milk
HEB 2 alpen light

2 tbsp brown sauce 2 syns
.5 tbsp cornflour 2 syns
morrisons less than 3% greek yogurt 100g 1 syn
1 weetabix 3

syns for today 8 total 26.5
26/07/10 extra easy

B: quiche as per previous days

L: Butternut squash & sweet potato curry with rice.
Fruit salad.

snack : apple

D: lamb Dhansak with rice (home made.....lean lamb, butternut squash, tomatoes etc)
fruit salad

HEA 350 ml skimmed milk
HEB: 2 alpen light

brown sauce 2 tbsp 2 syns
3 baby bel 6 syns
new muller light cheesecake type 1 syn

total today 9 syns
35.5 syns total for week

27/07/10 extra easy
B: quiche as per previous days

L: Butternut squash & sweet potato curry & rice as yesterday
fruit salad
2 plums

D: Chip Egg & Pepper bake as sw magazine
muller light

HEA 350 ml skimmed milk
HEB 1 weetabix
1 alpen light

2 tbsp brown sauce 2 syns
choc sprinkle muller light 1 syn
1 tsp oil 1.5 syns (according to online diary)
2 sausages 3 syns ( lidl pork chilli and tomato)
1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce 2 syns

Total syns 9.5
total for week 45

28/07/10 ee

B; Quiche as previous

L: Lamb Dhansak & rice as yesterday dinner
3 x apples

D: couscous, chicken and salad (celery, cu, tomato, courgette, carrot)

HEA 350ml milk
HEB 2 alpen light

2 tbsp brown sauce 2 syns
salad dressing 0.5 syns
stewed apple 220g 4 syns
50g morrisons less than 3% fat greek yogurt o.5 syns

total syns 7
syns for week 52


B; quiche as previous
1 orange

L: chicken and couscous salad as per yesterday tea
muller lite

T: went to class before tea.....can't remember now what I had :(

HEA 350 ml skim milk


Syns 2 tbsp sauce 2 syns
So....the result of the above was a half pound loss :( At least it was off though and my plan was to continue with extra easy for another week.

I've handed my diary in to the consultant to look at so I haven't got it to list but it was similar in food and syns and resulted in a 1 lb gain.

My consultant has advised me to try red or green days for a week and seehow I go. So I will do this.......after \i finish this bottle of wine........:(

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