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Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by barberclaire, 24 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. barberclaire

    barberclaire Member

    I love choc!!!!!:sigh: is there a low syn bar that I can eat that will have a satisfaction level
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  3. Pinkstars

    Pinkstars Full Member

    Curly wurly is my fave for 6 syns
  4. Janey2014

    Janey2014 Full Member

    I buy the fun size dairy milks, 4 syns each. Maltesers (funsize also) are 5 syns.

    I absolutely love Mini Eggs, there is a 45g box out at the moment which works out at 11 sys for the lot. Quite a lot of syns but I find it hits the spot!
  5. NewMe14

    NewMe14 Gold Member

    Full size flake bar is 8.5 and totally worth it!! :)
  6. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Ive just sucked a freddo to death:D yum yum - 5syns

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  7. RiaLou80

    RiaLou80 Silver Member

    hahahaha :D thats what i do with Freddo's!!!!!
    To be honest, if I'm that desperate for chocolate - I just have it and syn it up.
    At the minute , I'm into Malteaser bunnies - anyone know how many syns these are???
  8. willskd

    willskd Member

    Think I'm gonna get me some freddos!!!!!! :)
  9. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Malteaser easter bunnies are 8 syns. It really depends how much you want them. I much prefer cadburys. I've got bournville on the go at the moment hubby cut a big bar into squares and I because I don't like choc out the fridge I take however many squares out to suck (much more fun the biting it)1.5 syns a square.
  10. willskd

    willskd Member

    Was just trying to find out about bournville chunks. Great!! Thanks!!! :)
  11. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Gold Member

    I really like galaxy ripple a full bar is 8.5 or in the pound shops they have a pack of five snack bars each bar is 4.5 syns. Real chocolate hit
  12. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Mmmmm. Thanks for that I will be investing in snack bars. :D
  13. margaret76

    margaret76 Full Member

    hmm sounds interesting I cant wait ... as iv not been on SW n I do miss my choc, not had a choc bar for 4 weeks lol.. so fancy a bounty, any one know how many syns in a bounty?
  14. bubble77

    bubble77 Gold Member

    Funsize bounty is 3 syns :)

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  15. RiaLou80

    RiaLou80 Silver Member

    Freddo Faces are fab too, not sure how many syns they are, but to me any chocolate big or small is worth the sysn to stop me going insane!!
  16. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Gold Member

    They are 9.5 a 35g bag
  17. daydreamer25

    daydreamer25 Full Member

    I have some stuff from Hotel Chocolat from christmas that I haven't eaten an would love to but no idea where to start, I don;t even think it tells you the calories or nutritional value on it :/
  18. Fitzylou

    Fitzylou Full Member

    Freddo's really hit the spot for me when I have a chocolate craving xxx
  19. margaret76

    margaret76 Full Member

    oh nice so im gathering a standard bounty bar is 6 syns as it has 2 funsize bars ... my first day at following slimming world properly now n finding it overwhelming atm wiv what am doing am I doing it right etc lol
  20. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Gold Member

    Sorry think someone is confused here a fun size bounty is 7 and a full bar is 14. The miniatures so like in the celebrations are two.
  21. margaret76

    margaret76 Full Member

    ok ty, don't want to mes up lol

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