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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Treats, 29 October 2008 Social URL.

  1. Treats

    Treats Silver Member

    I was reading about the cous cous cake and made it last night... .was really lovely... but have a couple of questions...

    Has anyone tried it in the oven?

    Or browning it off in the oven or under the grill?

    Also has anyone tried it with quark and flavouring?

    Thanks all

    Just couldn't find the tread again. :giggle:
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  3. Tracie Green

    Tracie Green Silver Member

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    Slimming World
    Hiys treats!

    That sounds like a dodge cake?? was it really nice?? x lol
  4. Treats

    Treats Silver Member

    Hey Tracie

    Yep it was really nice... just didn't like the colour that made me feel a bit ewwwwy hahaha

    Have you not tried it yet?
  5. Tracie Green

    Tracie Green Silver Member

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    Slimming World
    na not tried it, never heard of it before, youl have to fill me in???? x gota go now though, playtime over 4 me x x x speak soon x
    Treats likes this.
  6. Treats

    Treats Silver Member

    As I say I can't find the link but this is what the lady put in to make it up...

    4 oz Cous Cous
    4 tablespoons of Canderel or your sweetner
    1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
    2 eggs
    1 muller light yog

    Cover cous cous with boiling water and leave to one side for 10 mins... mix all other ingredients together... when ready (cous cous) mix together well and put in a non stick microwaveable dish... and pop in MO for 10 mins.

    I would then suggest to turn out on rack if you are going to leave it to cool as it will go soggy otherwise.

    I added cherry ML Yog and was nice.. going to try quark and vanilla essence today and see what it is like... keep you posted.
  7. debsxdiet

    debsxdiet Silver Member

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    Slimming World
    yummy!!! one thing i ve noticed is that i dont like it much dry so i mix either total 0 yoghurt or quark with sweetner then pour over the top it is delish like cake and cream.

    oh yeah and i dont like it cold lol so i just shove it in the micro for 1 min wi a bit sweetner sprinkled over befor i eat it if it has went cold.

    I might try it using total zero youghurt and sweetner with a bit vanila essence to see what thats like instead of the mullerlight.

    Debs x
  8. Treats

    Treats Silver Member

    I have one doing as I type this haha... I thought I might use some 0% Fromage Frais and lemon juice with canderel as a topper for it this evening...

    Will be out in a couple of mins will let you know what it is like
  9. Treats

    Treats Silver Member

    Hey not bad.... not bad at all.....

    Seeing as my husband really liked this too what I have done is cut him a large chunk and made him some lemon drizzle and while it is hot have poured it over it....

    And seeing as I like lemon drizzle but can't have it as it is made with icing sugar I got some canderel and squeezed some lemon on it and drizzled that over so I have my own version for dessert this evening.

    I also think it would be nice to actually have lemon flavour in the cake itself. Actually reminded me of pancakes :giggle:
  10. mojomcl

    mojomcl Silver Member

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    I make these regularly.
    I use the oven (Don't have a micro).
    I make different versions of it, and can't even remember them all!
    Use the basic recipe, but you can add differnt things...

    4 oz Cous Cous ( I use one of the green boxes, not sure of make)
    4 tablespoons of Canderel or your sweetner ( I use WAY more)
    1/2 teaspoon of baking powder (I've never used baking powder)
    2 eggs (One is sometimes enough)
    1 muller light yog (I either use plain total, or a veggie freindly flavoured one)

    OK. THEN you could add..... a few drops food colouring, and corresponding flavour (Red+Strawberry); Lemon curd; Almond essence; Vanilla essence; A little lemon juice; differnt flavours of yogurt....

    THEN for the filling/topping......Mix a tub of quark & plenty sweetner with with any combination of....flavoured yogurt; food colouring / flavouring; lemon curd; options sachets; a little jam; mixed berries/chopped fruit....most free, some very low syns.

    I also make couscous muffins. As above, but pile the mix into muffin cases. They wont rise, so pile it up carefully. yummy.

    The most impressive variation I've made was make one batch of basic mix. I added plenty vanilla essence, and vanilla yogurt, and put it in the base of a loaf tin; I then halved the remaning mix, and added a strawberry yogurt and red food colouring to one half, and added it to the loaf tin; for the final layer I used a toffee yogurt and crushed dairy buttons, and some toffee flavouring. I didn't expect it to turn out all that great, but it was REALLY impressive. I gave this to my Dad for Fathers day, along with muffins made from the left overs. (He's lost 7+ stone on SW)

    Sorry. Just realised what a ramble that was...x
  11. Rocket Pocket

    Rocket Pocket Member

    Hello there,

    I hope you dont think that I am a pain but I've got a bit lost in the threads of the cous cous cake and the various toppings and fillings.

    Although I have done the basic mix a long time ago I have never done fillings or toppings.

    Can you tell me what the basic recipe mix is and then list the various fillings etc.

    From reading your thread I wasnt sure if the fillings are added and then baked off? or just added after the basic recipe is made?

    Sorry to be a nuisance but I am desperate for stodgy type cake without the syns!

  12. mechmanuk

    mechmanuk johnboy

    I tried this cous cous cake and didnt really like it miself.
    However i did try the chickpea cake and i did like that one.

    Has anyone tried doin these in bun cases?
  13. Claire1981

    Claire1981 Is so very nearly there!

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    Slimming World
    chickpea??? you kidding???
  14. mechmanuk

    mechmanuk johnboy

    no the recipe is on here, i think its the lemon that comes through that makes it tasty, dunno how we get away with not tasting the peas but you dont. Im gonna try some in the bun cakes next time.
  15. Rocket Pocket

    Rocket Pocket Member

    I have found a thread for a cous cous cake and just made one in the micro, not sure if its turned out quite right - its a long time since I did one.
    I have added a yogurt and eggs to the mix before cooking, is that right do you think??

    Never heard of a chick pea cake - do you have the recipe??

    Is it only me but is it a bit slow this site?

  16. mechmanuk

    mechmanuk johnboy

    Chick Pea Cake

    a can chickpeas drained and blended
    1.5 cups canderel
    3 eggs
    1tsp baking powder
    1 lemon rind and juice
    2 tbsp lemon curd

    mix all ingredients (i use the blender for this)
    place in small loaf tin and bake for
    30-40 minutes at gas 4 180°C
  17. Rocket Pocket

    Rocket Pocket Member

    Oh thanks. I have a few tins of chick peas that need using up, bought them for something that didnt quite work out some time ago. I will give this a go and let you know.

    Its great to share recipes and support - thank you!!

    I suppose I wil have to complete my profile at sometime.

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  19. *** Di ***

    *** Di *** Member

    Slimming World
    I always cook my Cous Cous Cake in the oven because I don't like microwaving food that much.

    I put it in 180 degrees for half an hour and its perfect.
  20. Rocket Pocket

    Rocket Pocket Member

    Hi, I will try baking in the oven over the next few days. What recipe do you use??

    Just noticed a recipe for stuffed mushroms posted this morning; with cottage cheese sound good.

    I am not that good at coming up with recipe ideas involving quark and cottage cheese etc but when I recipes from the magazine with these ingredients they all ways work out well......just need to get thinking cap on!

    bye for now. Rocket Pocket xx
  21. ginny27

    ginny27 ...I LOVE FRUIT!

    Slimming World
    Ah! I'm glad its ok to do it in the oven because I felt a bit like I was eating radioactive food. Next time its going to be an oven-job :)

    I like the idea of a lemony cake. That would be deeelish. Especially with some melted white chocolate or something equally yummy.
  22. Treats

    Treats Silver Member

    What is a cup and half of canderel... how many tablespoons is that? Old school here haha!! Thanks
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