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Call for a Buddy!

Hi Guys,

I'm restarting CD after about a year off and I'd love a buddy local (Manchester) or not so that we can keep each other motivated! Someone also on their first week would be ideal!

I'm 30 in January and determined to be slim by then!!!

I'll look forward to hearing from you

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I should also add that I want to lose 5 stone to get me to the lightest I can remember being...but 7 stone would get me into the healthy weight bracket!
coogee, hi!!! If you want come join us on the thread 'I'm new to this'....a great team of girl in first wk to support ...I'm 29 next mth and really want to get slim, starting (again) tomorrow xx


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Hi Lisa!
How's your restart going? I'm on my second go at CD, I first did it in 2008 but didn't cope with going back on food, and pretty much put all the weight on straight away! (plus a stone for luck..)

Am in stockport.. is grotty up here today! was hoping for a sunny day like yesterday so I could go for a walk! :cry:
Hi all, Same thing here! I did CD back in 2008, lost 5st, and have managed to put it all back on again (didn't work my way back up through the plans which I'll do this time). Restarting today, forgot how hard the first few days are so will be probably be on here a lot & having a buddy sounds good.

Good luck everyone :)

Isobel x


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Isobel - exactly the same story as me! I just stopped. Me & Dad were doing CD at the same time, and mum was following a GI diet. Dad also just stopped, but went straight onto Mum's diet and she kept him on the straight and narrow.. that was also my plan, except I have no one to keep an eye on what I'm doing!!

This year I'm going to work up the Cambridge plans properly! I feel I'd be more in control then.

Thankfully I've got over the awful days. I think Day 3 was my headachey & generally rubbish day.. Then I lasted ok until weeks 8/9 when I went off the rails a bit.. Back on track now though, and the end is in sight!

Anyway, it's not raining today, so I'm off for a nice long walk into town :)
Hi Liz, well done on your weight loss so far, you must feel fantastic :) I was almost inspired to go for a walk myself after reading your post but I've felt like I've been glued to the sofa for most of the day, just feel really tired & sleepy, but hopefully this will be my lowest day and day 3 will start to pick up.
I never did any exercise first time around but I'd like to start this time, thinking maybe of joining Curves, its just finding the time to fit it in. :)


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I know what you mean about finding the time.. I'm quite fortunate in that we have a gym in our office block, so I don't have that thing of getting in then having to go out again.. But I've started running a bit and now the weather is better I'm getting outside a bit more.

I'm doing a 13 mile walk with my mum & aunt in June, so figured I'd also try and get some longish walks in my rota too.. so today was about 2.5 miles each way and I was about an hour walking round town..

makes me feel midely productive anyway!! was meant to do it yesterday but it rained all day. I did go out though.. Am trying to get out of my sofa habit!! it's all very well on Cambridge, you lose the weight anyway.. but I need to start using enough energy to justify the odd treat when I'm back in the real world! :D
Hi Ladies,

Hope your re-starts are going well. Mine didn't go as planned teh first day but I tried againand am now on day 2... yucky day 3 looming, if i can get through that then I know I'll start to feel great

I've got a concert and an engagement party to go to this weekend and I'm actually looking forward to going to both of them without food/drink, I love the feeling of empowerment it gives me!

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