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Calling all exercisers HELP!!

Hi all,

I'm a fitness instructor looking to lose a stone on CD having previously lost 9.5 stones with LL. Yes thats right I gave up my "day" job so that I could re train and help myself maintain my weight and I do soo love it have to say. Anyhow started to drop carbs 3 days before start of CD SS but then went and did my usual step class mon night and passed out about 2 hrs later at home; ok so not good idea. So went to see CDc for first time on Tues and she recommended a few carbs before a class but none after or just half a bar to top up. Problem is did that and still lightheaded last night after 2 hr class so ended up with bowl of cereal going in to stave off any nasty bumps again (ouch). Any you guys in a similar situation? I'm doing a bout 10 classes a week, high impact aerobics and weights classes mainly and just wanna get the balance right. You guys taking carbs before, after etc. Am also freezing, boy did I forget about that aswell,

Thanks for listening

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hiya hun i could be wrong but i dont think you should be SSing when you're burning up so many calories maybe you'd be better on the 1000 or 1200plan??? I could be wrong but that was my impression. I'm on the 1200plan and went to the gym 3 times a week up until my car accident and i used to feel faint occasionally so had to slow it down a bit. sorry im not more help xx
Oh Hun,

Sorry for the misunderstanding, intended to SS but after fiasco on Mon that went out the window so am trying to work some packs with REAL food whenever possible which is difficult as sometimes the classes are mornings and then another session on a night. Wow did I go perculiar on no carb. Just wondering if others had experience of using CD in any way to lose whilst exercising to this extent.....

ooooo now i understand lol well in that case (and i may have gotten the wrong end of the stick) when i stick to the 1200 plan (1 shake and 3 meals) and went to the gym 3 times a week doing an hours CV then hours swim i'd lose 4lbs a week but the weeks i did more than this my body refused to part with the fat lol
I did 3 meals today and a shake and feel ok but no training so will repeat tomorrow. Whats the composition of the meals on 1200? I didnt get any paperwork. I am just eating a bit of wholemeal carb and some protein and veggies (infact less carb than my 2 yr old toddler, boo hoo!). Just to clarify you meant that if you went over 1200 then the weight stopped coming off? I could cope with that if thats the case,

no if i did too much exercise the weight stopped coming off.

Right meal wise i tend to have porridge for brekkie then a salad for lunch with chicken or a cup a soup and my shake then for tea i have chicken usually in a tomato based sauce with veggies like broccoli or cauliflower with either sweet potato or cous cous. Not quite sure if that's 1200 kcals it's usually under but i have never had any problems with it and i avoid bread, rice and pasta like the plague and if i do have them it's always brown or i'll have a pitta bread or fajhita wrap instead. Meatwise i try and stick to white meat or fish but i might have red on a rare occasion. My trouble is tying to eat it all coz i find exercise stops me being hungry and then i find myself filling up really quickly.
Thanks for sorting me out on that one,

Sounds like what i'm doing is about right then, just go low GI on the carbs and be sensible (easier said than done tho sometimes). It would work out ok for me to have shake mid afternoon ready for eve class and then have a small meal when I get in to top up. Ohh and I forgot i am so sweaty in class that I am craving salt really bad, like fancying a cup of Bovril last night, what the ***???? I never drank that stuff in my life and no not preggers just in case you are wondering, lol!!

omg i'm like that too i feel like i'm going through the menopause and i'm only 24!!!!!!!! The diet i follow is basically low carb low gi and it seems to work well when i follow it lol i just get sidetracked by scrummy things but no more 100% motivation and devotion to being slim!!!! Does sound like you're doing ok and i think as long as you're not feeling faint then you've got enough kcals to keep you going. Good luck hun and no more fainting!!!! xx


Hi there, I'm an instructor too. How many of your 10 classes are cardio and how many weights? What sort of intensity of cardio? It's a very different thing having enough energy to participate in a class and having enough to competently teach.

I did SS, but never when I was doing as many classes as you are (this was before I was teaching group fitness). It's just way too much on less than 500 calories! And you need carbs. You should be on at least the 1200 cal programme, although to be honest if I were your CDC I would probably have you on the 1500 given your level of activity! You would still lose at a decent rate :)

What is your BMI?
Also, although you should mostly stick to low GI carbs, if you teach in the evening and then you are teaching cardio again in the morning (I don't know what your schedule is like), you want some high GI carbs soon after your evening class so that you are restocking for the next morning.
Hi Kate,

Thanks for your input glad to find another instructor! I'm doing 4 Body Step which are pretty knackering on the cardio side (am soaked when I come out!) and 4 Body Pump with a couple of general aerobics thrown in for good measures. BMI wise I'm about 27 ish?? height is 5.4" and weigh 11 st 5lb. I definately need something after a cardio workout as the bar is not enough, I think maybe baked spud or something or bowl of cereal? What do you think?

I did 3 meals today and a shake and feel ok but no training so will repeat tomorrow. Whats the composition of the meals on 1200? I didnt get any paperwork. I am just eating a bit of wholemeal carb and some protein and veggies (infact less carb than my 2 yr old toddler, boo hoo!). Just to clarify you meant that if you went over 1200 then the weight stopped coming off? I could cope with that if thats the case,

Hiya - you should defo be on plan with food - prob 1200 cal...your CDC should've give you the 'yellow booklet' at your first appt...ASK FOR IT !! it's in our Code of Conduct to give to each new cutomer.

Quite a variety of food on this plan - including carbs, fruit, veg etc and just 2 CD packs per day (rest of cals is real food)....give your CDC a buzz and ask for the book.....

Debz xx
Hi Redhoneyqueen

Around this time last year, teaching 4 aerobics classes and 6 Body Combat classes per week, I could lose 2lb a week eating 2000 calories a day. There's no point dropping your calories too low because you're burning so many anyway that you can afford to eat properly - in fact you need to.

As for what you should be eating after a workout, that's going to vary depending on the type of workout, and when you'll be exercising next. It's difficult to advise, because I don't know what you're eating during the day, as you're not following any of the Cambridge steps from the sound of things, just using the packs once? twice? a day and eating low GI. I, too, am surprised your CDC has not given you the yellow booklet. If you can't get one from her I can post you one - let me know.

Do you just drink water when you're teaching, or energy drinks?

Out of interest whereabouts in the West Midlands do you teach? You don't have to tell me which gym or anything ;)
Hi Kate,

Yeah your're probably right just need to be sensible and eat about 1500-2000 cal per ady and see what happens. I guess I was looking to Cambridge for the quick fix I got last time with LL but its just not that easy to encorporate with the training schedule I have. I'm not on any packs at the mo and weight has stabilsed from the drop it had last week with no carbs and the meal replacement. Trouble is when this plateau will start ticking down is anyones guess; just have to be patient. I must say that my body definately has gotten used to the training, so much that when I stop for a holiday I can feel the weight creeping on even if i am exercising restraint with the food. You find the same? Think my body just expects to expend this ammount of energy.

I dont drink the energy drinks as they are too sweet for me and only drink water and the odd cuppa at home. I am pretty good with the food aswell as I dont eat rubbish; I cant teach on it. Just needing to address the xmas blow out at the mo.

I teach in and around the Dudley area, split between 3 gyms. Great at the moment with all the newbies joining. You still teaching? Want me to put you a step out tomorrow?

Stay in touch, really grateful for the advice

Oh wow, I bet I've been in touch with at least one of the gyms you teach at :)

I was looking to get on cover lists for Body Jam, and round and about Dudley are the closest gyms to me with the licence.

Yeah, I find energy drinks are way too sweet, but they do the job - you get used to them. I don't like the taste, but I swig them down anyway.

I do find that if I have time off, my body still wants the same amount of food - it does get used to a certain daily intake. I moved from Preston at the end of November and I went from teaching 13 classes a week to none. I didn't do anything at all for the first couple of weeks, which was very strange (and I put on a couple of pounds)!

Sadly for me, at the moment I teach classes to myself in the mirror in my basement, just until folks know who I am round here and start offering me covers. Then with a bit of luck I'll be back centre stage :D

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