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Calling All JUDDDerrers!

Do you exist? lol This forum has been really quiet for the last few weeks?! Me and MsJMC have just started on JUDDD together and were wondering if any fellow JUDDDerrers were still around?

How are u all doing? How much have u lost, how long have u been on JUDDD? What do u think of the diet?
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Hello out there

Hi Sammy. I started this diet last week..So far so good. 6lb off in the first week :D. Although the going from feeling like your starving one day too feeling stuffed the next takes a bit of getting used to.
I've also found that this week on my up days I feel phcyically ill after eating.(Not a feeling I've ever had before).I'm not going to do the shakes today(dd) just stick to fruit and salad.See if that helps.:confused:


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Hi folks, I've not been on this site in forever! But I need to do something to kickstart me back into losing. It's getting me really down now.

I don't know much about JUDDD, but I'm going to look into it more. From what I've read it sounds like it could be what I need.


WILL do it!
littlesis, well done on the weight loss! :D i never used shakes etc, i know i probably should but i thought that if i can only have 500 cals on a DD i want proper food, something i can actually chew :) i know what you mean about going from feeling starving to full lol maybe u feel ill after eating because ur stomach is getting smaller maybe?

lalalou, i need a major kick up the bum to restart my JUDDD, i had a crack at it a while ago and lost 8lbs when combining the diet with a lot of walking so not 100% sure how much weight loss was just down to the diet but i reckon that as long as u eat less calories than u use, u will lose weight - obviously :) and being on JUDDD means u make a deficit of a few thousand calories per week, and there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat, so doing this diet means you should lose a steady minimum of 2 lbs a week, or more if u exercise at the same time


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Hi Sammy. I'm off the shakes next week so going to spend the weekend working out menus for my down days. I think your right re; stomach getting smaller even on my up days I'm not eating all day as I would normaly. Not that I'm complaining :) Having done most other diets including Lighter Life 5years ago when I lost over 4stn. only to put most of it back on. I have to say this diet seems O.K.

LaLaLou. If you can stick with it do give this diet a try. Dr Johnson suggest you use shakes for the first 2 weeks (I use Tesco own brand!!) You wouldn't want to live on them but for what works out as a week it's do-able. I make the differenc up with either a bowl of salad or some fruit. Hope this helps and good luck.

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