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Calling all Wednesdays: WI Results please

Come on you wednesday weighers! We can't let Mondays have all the glory. Post your weigh in details!!!

This week I lost 1.7kg nearly 4lbs


Slimming down the aisle
This week I've lost 6lbs
Awesome work guys! That's a stone between us! Well done us :D

Who else do we have still to weigh in? I'm praying Mia gets her 3lbs
Well done on your weight losses everyone, makes mine look rather small in comparison, but I lost 3lb this week...


Skinny girl in a fat body
Who else do we have still to weigh in? I'm praying Mia gets her 3lbs
:hug99: ah, thank you. 2 hours to go lol. I hope so much I get it. I look at everyone else's losses, I mean Curly is in week 13 or something and she's still losing 4lb in a week - that would NEVER happen to me. I would be ecstatic if I lose 4lb. So, fingers, legs, everything crossed and I'll let you all know (good or bad) in a few hours hehe. Thanks
Hey ladies, got weighed before, lost 7.5 lbs so I've lost a stone in 2 weeks!

Well done on all of your losses xxxx:D


Skinny girl in a fat body
:cry::cry:I didn't do it girls. I lost 2.75lb. It still takes me into the 11's (just at 11st 13.75lb), but I am getting really fed up with my really c**p losses. I'm only on week 6 and my losses are rubbish. One girl was at the CDC at the same time as me and she has lost 3st and is now on maintenance. She is as thin as a rake and lost 3lb.

I know you will all try to make me feel better but look at it this way, would YOU be happy if your losses were the same as mine?:cry: I am not going to reach the 10st goal for my hols at this rate. I am not going to pack in becasue I can't afford to put any weight on, but it is doing nothing for my motivation. Hope you all do better than me this week x
got weighed for first time since starting 2 weeks ago, so week 1 and 2 = 17.5lbs!! :bliss::bliss::bliss:


Cambridge Consultant
Hon its still 2 3/4 off.. and if you were not doing it hon you may have been putting that on!!!
Your doing well hon stick with it.. it will come off.. Even if you dont get to exaclty where you want to be you will be a lot closer to it than if you stopped doing cd..
So chin up and stay motivated hon and keep drinking that water.

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