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Calorie Consumption


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Okay, I have a question for fellow calorie counters.

I've been calorie counting for about a month now with no slipups. I lost about 9 pounds in the first 2 weeks & since then I've lost nothing. I haven't changed anything in my diet, however I'm reaching around 800 cals a day (I know, its low) so I've come to the presumption that my body has gone into starvation mode.

What I want to know is if I up my calories each day, will I gain weight or continue to lose? My body has been living off 800 cals, so in theory it should go up, but then its a lot less than the 2,000 recommended to women of my size & weight to maintain.
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Sorry, not a calorie counter, but I'll reply anyway :D

I prefer to call is Survival mode, as that reminds me of how blinking amazing our bodies are :clap:

Basically, what has happened is that your metabolism as matched your intake. Clever eh ;)

Also, because of the lack of calories, there is a good chance that your glycogen level will be depleted (probably why you lost so much that first week.) Glycogen doesn’t weigh that much, but for every gram of glycogen, there will be 3 grams of water.

If you go back to eating a higher amount of calories (between 1100-1800) a few things will happen. Firstly you’ll probably find it difficult as you are used to much less. You may even be scared. After all, if you’re not losing on 800, then it’s logical to think that anything above will make you gain. You’ll probably not want to eat as you wont be hungry, and it will seem foolish. Unfortunately, the scales may well show a gain (or stay the same) as your glycogen levels are replenished.

Rest assured that it’s unlikely to be fat and keep the faith to work through the ‘fix’. Your metabolisms hasn’t been murdered, just a little hurt ;) After a couple of weeks (maybe a little less as you haven’t been doing it long), you’ll find you start losing again.

Best of luck :)


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all i can do is agree with the above and to say that if you drink loads of water, around 3 litres a day should do it, you'll reduce the amount of water weight you'll gain.

good luck :D

abz xx


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Thanks for the advice all. Have ate around 1,000 today so small steps. It helped last night, as I had a larger meal so I've had much more of an appetite today.


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I'm a recovering bulimic so I totally relate to the 'fear' of gaining. When I first started recovery I went on a diet of 8-900 cals a day, like you I lost for the first 2-3wks...then nothing. After a lot of reseacrh, the conclusion I came to was that i needed to up my cals, so I did...slowly...100cals a day until I was averaging 1150-1200 a day. I gained 5-6lbs the first 2weeks, but lost it again in the next 3, and have continued to lose steadily since. Its scary and will take time to get over the 'damage' the low-cal diet has done, but it's so worth it in the long run? Good luck!


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IrishMum, well done for overcoming bullimia. It must have been hard, & although I've never suffered from it, I can totally relate to the fear of putting on weight.

Well guys, I slumped & gave myself a week off. Have gained at the max 1 pound & am consuming more than enough to sustain (if not gain) weight. I'm so happy I've only gained a tiny bit, but I feel bloated. However I have a party to go to tomorrow so gonna let myself have one more day off. Also starting a new job on monday, so will be easier to not snack in the day & will only have to worry about dinner time & thereafter.

Will definatly try & average 1,200 cals next week. Till then, stuff it. Gonna have a BBQ & drinks tomorrow then the hard work will start again on Monday :)


A little of everything!
That should prove to you that you CAN eat a normal amount of food and still not be starving (& gain loads of weight!) Well done for taking the week off and giving yourself a break, that alone was a brave thing to do. I'd say you're feeling bloated from the types of food you've eaten this week. When you start eating 'well' again you should be fine- especially if you keep up your water intake. Plus the routine of work helps my eating habits a lot- I tend to be all over the place at the weekend when I don't have set eating times?!

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