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I have started using the following website and thought i would share it with you as im finding it helpful.

Calorie Counter Database - Free Online Diet Program

You register for free and input some details (how much you weigh, normal daily acitivies, how much you want to lose.)

It works out how many calories you should be consuming in a day and roughly how many you burn by normal daily living.

You can add in any exercise you do and it works out calories burned for that day. You can also input what food you eat and it totals up the calories for you.

Its interesting as it says whether your eating enough of the right foods. For example i eat enough protein and fats but not enough carbs or fibre.

Personally i feel i over-indulge alot, so i have found it better for me following the slimming world plan but counting the calories im eating at the same time. I feel more in control and im not tempted to fall of the band wagon. Im actually suprised how many calories i consume, i thought it would be alot more. Ive only been doing it 2 days so i will see if this works on wednesday at WI!
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I don't bother. That's the best thing about SW, it takes care of everything without having to count calories on a daily basis. I did check once yonks ago, but because it was less than 1400 I haven't bothered since.


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The reason I am doing SW is so that I don't ever have to bother with calories.

Still, it is an interesting website, so thanks for that link.
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