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calorie deficit and exercise

Hi there i am a low carber - not atkins just dont eat carbs from sugar or flower.

i put a bit back on i am at 219 but i was eating 1500 OR less and exercising at least 3 times a week at a hour each and running a deficit of about 1500 cals. bad i know

now i am eating about 1800 - 2000 cals a day still leaving me about 700 - 500 cal deficit but my question is that on exercise days i burn about 800 cals in a hour workout. shoudl i do this if i am eating 1800 - 2000 cals ? should i cut my gym time down to 30 mins a day for 3 days ? or should i eat more and keep the gym the same on these days? be good to see what yo think guys

thanks for taking the time to read over this

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Les Mills Fitness Freak
im curious about this, i dont count any calories or anyhting, i just eat healthy but my workouts can burn up to 2000 or more each time.
i have noticed i need to eat alot for my body to keep up with these workouts, otherwise its a crash effect.
If you go to the calorie counting section, Caroline g wrote a really good piece explaining all about why you should eat your exercise cals.. Are you on myfitnesspal.. Lots of us are and it keeps us on the strait and narrow.. Good luck
woah...depending on what exercise you do, you could really mess your body up if you dont eat right.
woah...depending on what exercise you do, you could really mess your body up if you dont eat right.
1 hr cardio
x trainer for 30 mins and a similar one for 30 mins . kinda anti grav walker

burns about 700 cals at the time

way too big a deficit??

i heard 1000 is the max deficit???

as i say i am now up to 1800 cals a day to 2000 cals a day eating


Les Mills Fitness Freak
woah...depending on what exercise you do, you could really mess your body up if you dont eat right.
i doubt im eating back the calories i burn off, the rate i burn during exericse is high, roughly 1000 per hour and i normally do 2 hours minimum.
i do eat ALOT though, i eat it mainly throughout the day rather than evenings....
you guys are a real inspiration.... i am no where near fit enough to do the excercise that you do....but i am getting a little better with each month that passes.

when i was up at my heaviest weight of 20 stone 9 pounds, i would struggle after just a few minutes of walking on the treadmill...

now i am down to 16 stone 1 pounds and i can do an hour or so of fast paced walking on the threadmill, so for me, that is a HUGE improvement...

hopefully once i have lost another couple of stone i can start to get a little fitter and then i can burn the kind of calories that you guys do.....

i would love to get to the stage where i can eat more of the foods i enjoy (not necessarily unhealthy stuff) knowing that my excercise can help counteract the increased calorie intake.....

maybe one day!!!
wow wicked thats some improvement there. well done.

ive found that as well when i started doing more intense cardio, it would be very difficult. and I would get tired very easily. And the frustrating thing was that some parts of my body would get more tired at different times. sometimes my legs couldnt handle anymore but i wasnt out of breath, or the other way round.

but we must remember our bodies are amazing things they can adapt. We have to condition and tone our muscles to get used to exercise. Extra weight is really bad for exercise, you can imagine 1 stone is like 6kg, and carrying round an extra 15 or 20 or 30 kgs is going to be really bad on our legs, joints. So your body and muscles need to become stronger to deal with this, and continuous training allows this to happen.

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