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Losing the mummy fat
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Just wondered if you can help me please?

I am starting to go to the gym or an hour mon-fri, I burn around 300 cals in that hour. My usual cals each day is about 1100-1200, should I be eating more calories now that Im excersising?

Thanks in advance x
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Go on smile! =)
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Doodle! I find you everywhere lol. This is the exact problem i am facing. People say you should yet my GP told me not to.

People talk about this 'starvation mode' as in if you burn the extra calories your body holds onto the fat as it thinks your're not getting enough.


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No don't eat extra, it's a bonus gettinbg the exercise and will speed up the weight loss etc, and if you do go over once in a while it won't be so damaging then xx


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It's vital you eat at least that amount each day though. Your body needs a certain amount of fuel just to function normally, if you dip into that fuel to do your exercises then you do risk doing damage to your body? Plus, as RedKoala said, you run the risk of starvation mode where your weight loss will stall (plateau) and you could end up in a cycle of eating less/exercising more to try to get out of it which would only make things worse? Ask at your gym for advice, I've a feeling they would actually recommend you eat more too, but for 300-odd calories I don't think its a big deal? I was told to have a snack which has some carbs around 1/2hr before a workout/exercise, then a high protein meal afterwards to help protect the muscle in your body.

Good Luck!