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calories in alcahol

The thing you need to remember about calories in alcohol is that they are "empty" calories and not stored by the body.

The reason why alcohol makes you gain weight is that the body 'likes' it because it is easy to utilise and so it uses up the alcohol calories first and stores the food calories. Think about it ..............

..... have you ever seen a fat alcoholic (i.e. someone who is properly alcohol dependent, not a 'functioning alcoholic')? They always look emaciated inspite of the fact that they consume thousands of alcohol calories every day.

..... have you every seen a fat 'it girl' (I'm not talking about your common or garden 'celeb' or WAG but people like Paris Hilton)? Inspite of drinking gallons of champagne etc they remain slim because they don't eat. Look at Amy Winehouse - she drinks but doesn't eat, unlike Jade Goody and Kerry Katona.

So it's not just about how many calories you drink, it's also about how many food calories you consume.


Queen of the Damned
does that mean we can drink alcohol without it making a dif???
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alcohol is a big No-No on any VLCD - your liver is working hard helping to convert the fat to energy. Alcohol on top of that can be dangerous and is NOT advised in any shape or form.


Queen of the Damned
I cana do this.....its too hard.....i gota cook meals for kids and hubby and i hina got the will power. Im so depressed
Oh honey, I know it's hard but you can do this. There's an hour by hour thread you can post on, so much support on here - please don't give up :hug99:
I agree with DQ - drinking alcohol while eating very little is not to be recommended. You could end up looking as skinny as Paris Hilton or Amy Winehouse!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Seriously though, mixing alcohol with a very low calorie diet is a very bad idea though you can see why and how they do it, can't you?
look at the state of girls like lyndsey lohan, nicole richie, winehouse (is a heroin addict too) but al of those mix probably one meal and day with HEAVY amounts of alcohol - hence the reason they look vile and not like real people....
lollypop heads me and my friends like to call them
we are real women with curves and lumps and bumps and we should love every bit of them coz at least we dont look un well and just disgusting

but nicole richie suits her pregnancy weight lets hope she keeps it!!!

also iv found i dropped a dress size when i switched from drinking pints and alco pops to just drinking diet coke and vodka, or G&TS or vodka lemonades much less calories with the same lush taste

x x x x
Beer is so bad!!

Whenever I've drank it I've known all about it a couple of days later - it 'lays down' all around my belly and waist!!!

Pure spirits are best in terms of calories but some of the low cal alcopops are good. I used to drink the Diet Lemon Bacardi Breezers which worked out at 70 cals a bottle.

Those were the days ..................................
Definately do not drink alcohol whilst on vlcd, for strictly experimental reasons in order to give my clients clear precise advice i decided last year to test the theory. Picture the scene, dead fly with legs in air, followed by humiliating ride home in a taxi that my hubbys work mate drove and then reported next day over the radio of wrecked women syndrome and then a visit from spinning room like the tea cup ride at fair quickly followed by visiting the white telephone and ralf lol Never in all my life have i been so rat arsed and the day after felt soo bad lol


cdc norwich

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