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Calories in Fruit


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Hey all,

I was wondering, If I find myself going over my daily calories but most of what I was eating was fruit (satsumas, cucumber, apples, bananas etc) is it really that bad? Or is going over the calorie count no matter what still bad for you?

I find that my lunch consists of a lot of fruit and I then snack on it constantly throughout the day. I am losing weight but I'm worried that this will come back to bite me in the future.

On another note: 3.5inches off my waist! Woohoo!
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I'm sure fruit is very good for you - but, I do recall seeing a diet program a few years ago about a lady who just couldn't lose weight - the TV dietician followed her about for a day and discovered she kept a large bag of apples in her car in case she felt peckish...
Fruit calories count just the same as chocolate ones.

Well done on your inch loss though. I haven't lost any weight yet but I am 2 inches thinner :)


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jet how many calories are you on? u mite be going over your calories by eating all this fruit... but what are you actually eating in total? you mite be going over however be at a good cal level for you, so maybe stick with it for a while [as long as its fruit/veg]?????????
Fruit can be a bit addictive! But i believe a calorie is a calorie when it comes to grazing. If you're eating the fruit because you're bored or stressed then it really is better to stop because the habit of emotional eating could transgress into chocolate bars and biscuits.

However if you're eating a lot of fruit because you're hungry then try to add more protein into your diet, i find that helps fill me up! Also a bowl of porridge is very filling and only 160 calories for 45g which is enough to keep me full for 3 hours.

All depends on why you're eating the fruit really.


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The fruit is just lunch or a mid morning snack I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm grazing. I'm on 1700 cals although have dropped it to 1500 to see what I need to eat to do that. So I keep getting to like 1600/1800, the issue is work, there's no microwave so porridge is out of the question. However, I do like to have it for breakfast, I have the luxury of starting work at 10am so I have enough time in the morning to properly plan my breakfasts!

Okay, so moral of the story is, less fruit more protein. My nutrition knowledge isn't exactly up to scratch really, so alongside my fruity goodness for lunch (although less of it!) what should I have as well?

Thank you everyone
Turkey is a great, very low fat option (just over 100cals for 100g). Maybe make this in the morning or the night before? Turkey salad or turkey in a brown pitta bread (140cals) and salad. Poached eggs are also great for a breakfast on wholewheat toast!

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