Calories on 29 pro points

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by Jem292, 5 February 2011 Social URL.

  1. Jem292

    Jem292 Full Member

    Does anyone know how many calories it 29 pro points roughly equates to? I'm thinking about 1500??!
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  3. Rkmriddell

    Rkmriddell Gold Member

    Less than that! Each pp works out to be roughly 40 cals. So 29pp isn't even 1200 cals - hence why they tell you to use all your dailies, otherwise your body goes into starvation mode x

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  4. Jem292

    Jem292 Full Member

    I always use my points with ease, I was just curious and working out my bmr, calories burnt a day through exercise and wanted a rough idea of calorie intake as I couldn't be bothered to count it out for myself, your ment to have a deficit of 3500 calories a week to lose a pound (Internet based research I might add) so that's 500 calories a day to either cut from your food or exercise. I'm not claiming it to be true was simply curious about their calculations :)
  5. Tonic

    Tonic Full Member

    I rarely use all my 29 points, except at weekends! Yet I've not felt hungry once on this diet..... I do dip into my weekly PP's on a saturday night as I like a couple of glasses of wine but during the week I tend to average between 22 and 25 points! Maybe its because I munch on fruit all day long!
  6. Jem292

    Jem292 Full Member

    What's your weight loss been like eating that amout tonic? X
  7. Tonic

    Tonic Full Member

    Lost 10lbs in 3 weeks.... But before starting ww I was eating like a PIG! Takeaways 3-4 times a week, always at McDonalds and about 4 bottles of wine a week!! So I had big losses the first two weeks probably just due to cutting out the rubbish... Last week I lost 2lbs and I reckon I'll lose that again this week
  8. rachluvsbhg

    rachluvsbhg Full Member

    The formula is listed on wikipedia as 50 cals per pp. So 29pp = 1450 cals. this seems fine but then some 0pps on top, maybe a couple bananas = 200, couple of apples 100 n a couple weeklies = 100, it starts to mount up eh? I had 34pps yest along with 0pps which was well within my dailies n weeklies but when i calculated the cals it was 2000! It's not gonna work if eat that many!
  9. kagome75

    kagome75 WWer

    the shortcut formula to calculate pp is calories divided by 40, so that's what it is it's written in many posts on the official ww boards in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Spain... all over the place. 29x40=1160 plus you add the vegetables, the fruit... so it makes roughly 1400/1500 calories. I always log my calories on Sparkpeople and that's what my 29pp comes out to be including my overload of veggies and fruit.
  10. rachluvsbhg

    rachluvsbhg Full Member

    Well I like ur calculations better than mine! Is that the general shortcut then....cals divided by 40? Good to know. Thanks x
  11. Sneeze

    Sneeze Silver Member

    I think this is the key to it all really. It may seem like a low daily calorie value but you're expected to be adding quite a bit of fruit and veg into that mix which I think people often forget. :)
  12. nadiya

    nadiya Full Member

    Hi just came across this thread and Im a bit confused

    it seems from these posts its saying basically to just eat less to lose more. so whats with all the preaching of not feeling guilty eating weeklies etc... obviously they must have taken something into consideration when designing the plan other its not successful for people like me who are breastfeeding and so get 43 pro points a day on top of 49 weeklies !??

    can someone explain if u have the knowledge , thanks
  13. Stackhead

    Stackhead Slow and steady...

    It's all about creating a calorie deficit of about 500 calories per day. When you join basically someone works out out your BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) which is essentially how many calories you would use up just by staying in bed all day, they then minus 500 or so and boom you've go your pro points allowance. That's why people who weigh more get more allowance, because there's physically more of them so there BMR will be higher.

    You should never feel guilty about using your weeklies, but you have to expect that if you eat them all you should get a smaller weight loss but you still should lose.

    You, as a breastfeeding mother, get extra pro points just for the sheer amount of calories you have to use to produce milk.

    So yes, the general theory is that if you eat less you will lose more. However that only rings true up to a point, you should also ensure you're taking in at least 1200 calories a day, otherwise you enter what is known as starvation mode and your body clings on to everything it can turn into fat. Those that don't eat their daily allowance of pro points won't be hitting the 1200 mark with pointed food but the top up of fruit and veg will get them there thus they are still losing.

    Hope that helps.

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  14. nadiya

    nadiya Full Member

    ^^ thanks very much , explained very well :)
  15. stacey1985

    stacey1985 Bring it on...

    Yeah that is very well explained...thanks
  16. x_Champagne_Supernova_x

    x_Champagne_Supernova_x The Prodigal Daughter

    I'm so confused! Today i stuck perfectly to my 29pp and it added up to 2250 Calories! :-/
  17. IWillBeAYummyMummy

    IWillBeAYummyMummy Supercalifragilistic

    Is that with 0pp foods?
  18. x_Champagne_Supernova_x

    x_Champagne_Supernova_x The Prodigal Daughter

    Nope - didnt have a single 0pp food today and pointed everything properly!!
  19. kagome75

    kagome75 WWer

    can you write down your diary with quantities? xx
  20. x_Champagne_Supernova_x

    x_Champagne_Supernova_x The Prodigal Daughter

    Yep, Here it is:

    1: Sunblest - Scotch Crumpet x 2 = 4
    2: Tesco - Mini Cheese and Tomato Pizza = 7
    3: Knorr - Curry Rice Quick Lunch = 9
    4: 17 Cadburys mini eggs (spread out through the day of course!) = 9

    Apparently it all added up to 2,250 Calories.. :-/
  21. sushidoll85

    sushidoll85 Full Member

    I love the 17 cadburys mini eggs haha! I do the sme with haribos!

    Do you not have anything on your crumpets?

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