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  1. GiaHoliday

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    Hi all! I am new here. I have been trying to lose weight for a while now and need some advice. I have cut my calorie intake, but does it really matter what I eat as long as I keep the calories consistent?
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  3. icemoose

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    Great question :)

    In theory calories are fuel and hence no but obviously a healthy diet is not just about the amount of calories but also other factors such as salt, saturated fat, a good carb/protein/fat mix etc etc.

    Therefore in theory you can lose weight on 3 big mac's a day and nothing else but whether it would be a good idea is open to debate.

    Why not look at a diet with a low calorie intake but a good food mix to acheive it? Maybe something like slimming world or weightwatchers? or get a good book on healthy eating on Amazon?

  4. cherry15

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    I got a book at a charity shop on nutrition, I am not on a diet plan but 10 weeks ago i was 20stone 11lbs.... I reduced my food intake to 1500cals a day, 500cals less than I needed because if you go less than this some experts say your body goes into starvation mode. I eat foods which are good for hair skin and nails and growth, make sure i have plenty of different colours in the vegatables and fruits i eat, reduced red meat intake because of the satuarated fat and have daily fish/or chicken, and beans and lentils. I have found that my blood sugars has stabilised so i dont feel hungry and I do have 85% dark bitter chocolate as it has health benefits and is a treat and drink herbal teas......... In 10 weeks my weight has fallen to 18stone 3lbs, a loss of 36lbs........ also I do walk 5miles a day five times a week as exercise which has helped with the weightloss.... obviously there are lots of other more drastic ways to lose weight, but this is working for me so am goign to stick to it. Good luck.
  5. KD

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    Interesting title :)

    Reminds me of calorie density which I wrote about a couple of days ago.

    Basically, the average normal eater eats the same volume of food a day. So the same weight of food, to keep their hunger at bay.

    If you can chose foods that are low calorie per gram (have a low density), you can get the volume and 'substance' in, and save on the calories:cool:

    Foods low in density are foods such as fruit and veg, lean protein, high fibre foods. Just what the doctor ordered :)
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    My own
    you bet me to it ;)

    you also have to take into consideration the saturated fat.

    you could eat a mars bar ...calories = 350


    you could eat 2 weetabix with natural yoghurt, raisens/nuts/seeds = 350 calories

    i know which one i would pick....

    the chocolate ...but dont tell anyone

    only kiddin:whistle:
  7. IrishMum

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    LT, now cc-ing to lose Christmas blubber!
    PMSL! At certain times of the month you'd have to count me in too...:angeldevil:
  8. GiaHoliday

    GiaHoliday Member

    Thanks guys :)
  9. GiaHoliday

    GiaHoliday Member

    But, If I am eating the same calories, does it REALLY matter? Is wholemeal bread really better for me in terms of weight loss than marshmallows are?

    [image noborder][/image]

  10. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Calorie for calorie, probably not much difference in terms of weightloss....but

    The wholemeal bread is more likely to keep you sustained for longer so you wont be so quick to eat something else. And also the other health benefits.

    The marshmallows could cause a sugar spike and leave you craving fore more.

    Having said this, if the rest of your daily intake is healthy stuff and you really fancy a marshmallow or two, then enjoy.
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