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Hi hon,

I am eating a range of 1350 - 1550.


(I am sorry I have not been posting much - its so hectic right now, what with one thing or another, and as such, the days are just streaming by....I saw you were upset on your thread, and wanted to reply this morning but no time. Will try to tonight, but until my OH leaves for California, next week, it is truly hit or miss when I can get on here for some quality time...I just hope you are feeling better today. You ARE doing great, and you WILL maintain!!! ;))
hi there
about 1500 i would estimate

i have put on a few times when i have done a few 2000 ish days

1500 with maybe 1700 at weekends seems to be about right for me

daisy x


Playing the Angel
As a follow on from this, I was wondering today how you break your meals up, do you have lots of snacks and little meals or bigger meals and less snacks - no snacks at all? What do you consider a good meal portion wise meat/protein to veg ratio? How often do you indulge in triggery things like pasta/bread etc?

Many Thanks in advance

Hi hon

Typically, my plate is at 50% veg, 25% protein, 25% carbs. I try to have my carbs mainly in the form of beans and pulses - if I have rice, I have brown or wild rice and if I have pasta, I have wheat pasta, and if I have potato, I have sweet potato.

Quite often, I skip the carb, so its more like 75% veg and 25% protein. If I have been feeling low or tired, or just hungry, then 50-50. But thats rare.

It does vary day to day - but thats kind of the gist of it. :)



Playing the Angel
Thanks hun, obviously with things like my sweet potato soup I am getting my carbs in, so not sure why the weight is still shifting. Looking forward to porridge but absolutely loving my warm fruit compote with yoghurt for breakfast. Dinner is still my biggest meal of the day I guess because mostly my sister and I can eat together so it is more sociable, probalby better to have it midday, but that is when I am busiest usually, so it usually ends up being more snacky... I am trying to compare what I am eating currently to work out why I am still loosing. I am having loads of veg, but I suppose apart from the sweet potato and celeriac stuff, it is mostly low cal veg so I am eating loads but not overloading on the cals???