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Hi all, well i put on 2lb this week after binging on junk on wed,i weighed myself this morning and put on 2LB IN 1 DAY!!!!!! Well i used to be on 1500 cals a day for 7 months odd was losing 2lb a week , then i started losing 1lb a week last few weeks so cut down to 1400 a day.i am finding it hard though,i weigh just under 14 st and would like to be 10st.Do you think i should be on 1400,or 1500 till i lose another stone odds??????.i would like to lose 2lb a week and am 36,5.6ft.thanks
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Have you thought of trying calorie zig zagging, or calorie shifting?
Its where you change the calires eaten each day up and down, by a couple of hundred, but by the end of the week you will have consumed the normal omount of calories you would in a week. But the shifting seems to kick start your metabolism.:)


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Firstly- unless you ate 7000+cals of junk food, you didn't put on 2lbs of fat! Your system is probably retaining fluid after your binge. Eat 'normally' for a few days and it'll come back off.

I personally would stick at as high a cal intake as you can. If you find the losses are slowing (as they will), re-evaluate your BMR and daily expenditure and jig the numbers around based on what you 'should' be having. If it's around that number (1400-1500), then the best thing you can do is up your exercise levels or play around with the kind of food you're eating. The main causes of slowing losses is your body getting used to what you're doing/eating. So try to keep it varied and it'll help.