Cambridge and Trying for a baby!


I ate my willpower!
Hi All

The hubby and I have decided to try for another baby. I have been on CD for 3 weeks now and was wondering if being on SS will affect my chances of conceiving?

Congratulations on the decision for another baby (and getting your husband to agree to it!!!)

There was some information a week or so ago that said the chances of conceiving are increased on CD due to the good nutrition. So it may happen quicker than you imagine. I'm sure you already realise that you can't continue once pregnant but I'm sure you will have other things on your mind then anyway.

Good Luck

Dizzy x
Yea I know I can't continue on it once pregnant. This will be our 4th baby. We have 3 girls already. I am not bothered if it's a boy or girl though!
That's lovely Sarah

I have three boys and would definitely want a girl if I had another. That is probably one good reason to stick to three, we also do not have a large enough house, and are getting on a bit!

Would love one more if the circumstances were right though.

Dizzy x
I have read on more than one occasion that SSing or any type of rapid weight loss releases the estrogen in the fat and that this then circulates in your blood stream and increases your chances of being more fertile.

Shrinking Nicky is having a baby in a few months time and she has done CD.

She has a diary thread

called Nicky's special diary.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Space Angel,
Thats great news about trying for a baby!! I started lighterife on Tuesday and this is day 3. We have been trying to concieve for 2 years!! I already have two gorgeous little girls and we long for a third. I did have a third pregnancy 4 years ago but I lost him at 19 weeks. Part of my reason for doing this diet is to loses weight as I thought that being overweight can hinder pregnancy. I saw my Doctor today and he signed the medical form for this diet and I explained all of this too him. He was so kind and lovely about it all. I am so pleased as now he is putting us forward for blood tests etc!!
Wishing you lots and lots of fertile luck.
Thanks for all your encouragement. I have had really bad complications with all of my pregnancies and I think that being significantly overweight is the reason for this. I am going to wait until I am at my goal weight (which should hopefully be about March next year) and then we will start trying after I have maintained for a few months. I would like a healthy and stress free pregnancy so here is to next year!
Best of luck with the diet - & when you start trying for a baby. We were very lucky - day 1 month 1 of trying....

I think the great things about doing CD before conceiving are:
1/ you will have reached a far healthier weight which will be better for both you & baby.
2/ you will have been having the right levels of everything your body needs - better for conceiving & for baby development.
3/ you will be in a better frame of mind with regards to food, so you will eat more sensibly whilst pregnant - which will help baby & also mean that you don't put on too much weight during pregnancy.

during pregnancy you are able to have 1 CD a day as a nutritional supplement (you need to have your medical form signed off) - I am having one every couple of days as I would rather have this than stuff myself with chocolate and I know I am getting 1/3 of my daily nutritional intake by having this.

Good luck
CDC Swindon (21 weeks pregnant)