Cambridge Bars mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I was a bit miserable yesterday when I saw cdc. Having not liked the Spicy tomato and butterscotch and desperately missing chewy food (they were so bad I threw them away)so on 2 days I only had 2 packs. She gave me some bars for this week. When I got home I chopped up a cranberry one into 32 pieces:D :D into the fridge then waited..............out they came wow!!!!!!!!!! Chewy food its fab, it took me over two hours to slowly chew half a thin slice at a time:p :p :p . I love this diet:) :) :) . They have made the difference between staying on it until weight is lost and saying sod it and eating food. My CDC is wonderful:D :D ;) .
I'm eating a cranberry bar right now as I write this and had forgotten how good they were in my fervour for toffee bars!! Glad you found something you like (also hated the tomato and butterscotch but happy with choc-mint)
Must try putting one in the fridge and see what I think. Don't have any at the moment though but when I do....

Glad your enjoying CD better today. I'm sure with the large selection there will be many others that you enjoy too.

Dizzy x
Ive only tried the toffee and caramel ones and loved them! :D Will try more tonight.
Anyone have a list of all the flavours handy?
CD products are:-

Shakes -
Chocolate Mint
Fruits of the Forest
Toffee and Walnut

Tetra packs-
Chocolate Velvet
Banana Bliss

erm I think that's it lol

Soups -
Oriental Chilli
Spicy Tomato
Chicken & Mushroom

Bars -
Dark Chocolate Orange
Toffee Malt
Peanut Crunch
Cranberry Crunch

other products-
Summer Berries water flavouring
Sunshine Orange water flavouring
Savoury Vegetable drink
Fibre 89
**roarz laffin** :D

I have now decided what bars to get this week now :p
I love the new bars, thought Peanut would be my favourite, but the cranberry is the best

I live on Chocolate, Choc Mint, Cranberry Bars and Peanut Bars and about a gallon of water LOL
:p YUMMY! I love the bars!

I just had my first peanut one - I put it in the freezer last night and it was absolutely yummdiddleyumptious! I am going to get lots for next week! (well.. probably

I really like the orange ones too, and the cranberry was scrummy... I like the crunchy bits! :D

Lovely to see that list... ta Isobel! :D will make my order now for tomorrow!:rolleyes:

I hated the spicy tomato and butterscotch least I only had 1 tomato to try it and 2 butterscotch which I managed to finish...wouldnt have thrown them away as your cdc can exchange them if you dont like least mine will :)

With the bars i love them all except the peanut and cranberry ones...I think that's because it nearly breaks my teeth when I eat one, didnt get any for the next 2 weeks but might try them again in the future when/if I get sick of the caramel, malt toffee and chocolate ones!
OORAAAAAAAANGEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! orange bars orange bars orange bars.

They should be crowned the bestest bars in the wooooorld. Man I love them!!!

I do like the malt toffee, but my batch just now seem to have a funny taste....maybe it's just me:confused:. The cranberry ones are quite nice for a change but the OOOOOOORAAAAAAANGEEEEEEE!!! bars are still the daddy of bars. Whole orange bar..microwaved for 1 min, left to cool a little so the chocolate is still warm but not burning = heaven on a plate (with vits and minerals:))
Hi Coley,

Have spoke to Head Office about the funny tasting bars? We Had this problem earlier this year.


Nah...I really do think it was only me. None of my clients has said anything. Maybe they're just being nice? :confused: I had one of those nasty tasting bars earlier this was vile!! I would hope I could tell if it was one of those ones again! Will have to try one tonight just to check!
I love the Cranberry too, had one about 20 mins ago, yuuuuuuuummmmmmmm really chewy and gorgeous!!!!

I tried the Caramel one and although it was nice and chewy it had a funny taste.

I'll definately be having more Cranberry :D