Cambridge Bars


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Hi Nicola,

There is more carbohydrate in the bars than in the drinks and soups.

The extra carohydrate can cause fluid retention in some.

Eating more than one bar can cause a lot of gaz:eek: due to the complex carbohydrate.

I find if I make sure to drink water that I would normally use in a shake with my bar.

I was carb sensitive to them at the beginning but not now and I make sure to stick to one a day otherwise it will take me right out of ketosis.

Hope that helps.

Love Mini xxx


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Hi Nicola

Like you I love the bars (not the peanut one though - don't eat peanuts). I had one every day while doing ss and they certainly didn't stop me losing weight. Anything that helps to keep you on track has to be good



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I had one every day from Week 3 (I still have one a day just because I lurve 'em!)

As you know, I still lost weight using them as part of my SS plan - and so will you! You must remember to drink an extra 1/2 litre of water for each one you eat though (over and above the recommended 2.25 litres of course).

Glad you like them though - especially the Peanut Crunch. Yummy innit? ;) :)


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Excellant - Thanks

SummerSkye -You look amazing you keep losing we won't be able to see you LOL - Your a great CDC to talk to

Just one more question with the bars can i still have a moose a day too!!!! - sorry still learning what is good and what is BAD!!!!!


Nicola xxx :)


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yes i like the cranberry one to very chewy as well and takes ages to eat which is good


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Yep, loved the bars, malt toffee my favourite. I too had one a day all through SSing, definately helped keep me on track.

See how you get on with them, as some people are very sensitive to them.


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I had a bar and a mousse every day (makes you feel like you're still eating, doesn't it?!) when I did Cambridge, and had no problems with weight loss. Obviously, if your losses slow down then you'll have to re-think, but i'm sure you'll be fine. :)

Bear in mind too, that the peanut and cranberry bars are different to the others - they're lower in carbs and contain no polyols (which is what can give you a bad tummy!). Also, it's worth remembering that the cranberry bars have less calories than the others, so are worth choosing if you like them!

Jo x


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Hi, I loved the bars esp the orange one, but they really set off cravings and kicked me out of ketosis:( . Doesn't seem to happen to many people, but there you go. MY CDC actually refused to sell them to me and I was so desperate that I threatened to buy them off ebay :eek: which she felt just proved her point that I shouldn't be eating them.

I'm in maintenance now, but still crave them. I know from sad experience that foods I crave when I'm not hungry are my carb addicted bodies way of trying to get its fix!


I had my 1st bar last week. The 1st one a tried was caramel then the cranberry one. I really really hated them. Didn’t like them at all.

Worst thing was that I was so so excited to tasting them and decided on having them late at nite as a treat with coffee. Im upset that I don’t like them coz lots of people say there really nice.

Im just going to stick with my tetra milkshakes as I really like them.



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broke a tooth on a cranberry one last nite, it was real hard and been in fridge for ages, plus my tooth had a filling in it :eek: but i will still eat them i have one a day, have mouse for breakky with added husks, then soup with added husk at dinner and a bar at nite, nice to have a change, its a long diet and if you eat the same thing all the time u get pretty pissed of with it


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Hi Angie

Can you tell me what Hesks are !!!!!!

loving this diet lost 1 stone in 3weeks - but am getting bored because i don;t like the soups and don't know what else to make help !!!!

Nicola :)


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I have tried the malt bar, cranberry and peaanut and liked them all i'll experiment buying the others on Tuesday. I'll try cutting them up and putting in the fridge as some of you have suggested.