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Cambridge Counsellors

Just wondering if anyone can offer me their view on how their counsellor works.

I am aiming to restart tomorrow after failing miserably and now feeling completely miserable with myself! I have to do it this time as I am now in a situation where I will do anything to avoid going out or on holiday.

The counsellor I used before is no longer a counsellor and I was just wondering how other people's counsellors work. My previous counsellor was very friendly and bubbly would let me buy a month's worth at a time which suited me as I'm often out for quite long hours during working days. I just had to text or email her my weight once a week if I wasn't seeing her.

I have contacted another counsellor and it appears that I'd have to see her every 1-2 weeks and I just felt that the response I received was unwecolming. I have only enquired about prices so I don't think I am under any obligation to use this counsellor but I started this morning feeling very upbeat about restarting, and I now feel a bit lost again!

I am also curious to know from other people whether your counsellor wrote to your doctor to let them know you are on the diet?

I have enough products left over to last me for about 3-4 weeks so I can still restart, but I just need to make sure I can find a counsellor before my products run out.

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please try again
with a bmi of over 40 you would need doctors signature to start

my bmi was well over 40 so no my cdc didnt write to the gp, i had to take the forms to the gp insted

i buy weekly from my cdc as thats what suits me, if you can then email a few local to you and see what they say, thats what i did when i was looking for a cdc, i emailed 5 of them with the same questions to see how they reacted
Thanks for the reply. By the time I have used the products I have left, my BMI should be under 40 - it is 42.9 at the moment. The counsellor hasn't asked me any personal details yet so doesn't know my BMI but just said that they will write to the doctor.

Unfortunately there is now only 1 other counsellor in my area so I've emailed her too. I suppose my only other option is trying to find one in Central London where I work but that's not ideal as I have a 1 1/2 commute home on the tube & train.


please try again
if your bmi is under 40 and your doing sole source then yes they will write to your gp just to inform them, the gp wont have any other involvement unless your on medications that would need to be monitored or ajusted due to ss


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I have contacted another counsellor and it appears that I'd have to see her every 1-2 weeks and I just felt that the response I received was unwecolming. I have only enquired about prices so I don't think I am under any obligation to use this counsellor
Umm. Well, the unwelcoming email doesn't sound too good, but that doesn't mean she's like that in real life (you should see my txts messages :D... I hate texting, so I like to keep them brief as:D)

The 1 to 2 week thing could be a good sign. I see all my clients every week, though I am 'allowed' to only see them once a month, as long as it is once a month. I do give them an option, sometimes...when I remember, and would only mention it if I felt that person was very internally motivated. Otherwise I find they do better seeing me weekly and even those who have the option, still come.

There is no financial gain with her seeing you more regularly, so I can only assume that she does this as she feels it would help you.

Why don't you make an appointment with her and make it clear that you just need to talk about it for the moment. Not that you are checking her out ;)

There shouldn't be any obligation to return if you don't feel she is the right one, but do make it clear that you don't need to buy anything just yet, just want to be prepared for when it happens.


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good advice from KD. you did really well in the past on CD to manage just seeing your counsellor once a month. I appreciate life is busy and travel etc but unless I am having a really fantastic few weeks and totally in the zone I really dont think I would have got this far without seeing my counsellor every week or every fortnight. The weeks I know Im not seeing her I can feel I have a little less control. And my home scales are so unreliable at times I like to have one consistent measurement. But dont feel pressured if this counsellor is not the right one for you am sure he/she is professional enough to accept as such as you need to feel really comfortable with your CDC and if it just doesnt feel right its not worth it! Good luck with the restart, you can do it dont let these teething problems put you off! x
i see a really nice lady in bermondsey, she is really felxible so i can see her to suit around my shift work she has been really upbeat even when ive had really bad weeks, im really lucky i found her!


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What I find about seeing my CDC more often, be it weekly or two weekly is that I'm much less likely to slip up beauce I know I'm going to be seeing my counsellor soon and therefore get found out! Thats motivating in itself.

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