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Cambridge diet buddy?

Re: Newbie! Buddy? X

I've not had any headaches which is surprising as I am prone to them usually!

Just had 3rd shake of the day, tried vanilla in the blender with lots of ice, was quite nice actually...

Looking forward to trying some soups and porridge next week.
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Day 1 for me tomorrow :-s all signed up today and raring to go feeling quite positive. Am sure I will be saying something different in a couple days lol glad I found this site as feel I will need all the support I can get x


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Re: Newbie! Buddy? X

Im just coming to the end of week 3 on Lighter Life am starting on CWP this weekend to save money and I didn't find the 'counselling' sessions of any use to me.

I am finding this quite easy which is about time as I have been on and off this diet a couple of times in the last 15 months.

I want to lose 103 lbs and have lost 12 so far
Good luck Lucy & Danielle! Let us know how you get on. Day 4 for me, not had a shake yet, feeling a bit sick this morning so I can't face it yet.
Except the headaches ladies, it the withdrawls from food!LOL

I found invest in a box of paracetmol and keep drinking water.

Any plans for the weekend guys?

E x
Re: Newbie! Buddy? X

Hi Emz, the weekend is gonna be tough!
I've just had to turn down girly wine night with friend, said I'm on a diet and not drinking so she thinks I'm being boring :(
Fiancé away all weekend so at least I don't have to watch him eat!
Feel really lightheaded today, think I might have to have something off the ss food list 2moro if it carries on....
Hope you all have a good weekend x
Re: Newbie! Buddy? X

I've been lucky to avoid the headaches. Take paracetamol, it's ok. It won't last, it's your body adjusting.

Tried the choc mint shake this evening, it was gross :( managed about half and then had to leave it.
Its hard when your friends are out and there drinking, you could always go and drive ive done that or make excuses lik your on antibiotics etc.

Its hard at the start getting use to what shakes you like, i use be gagging at the start but i stuck with banana from there on, i have 2 soups and a shake find it much easier.

Hope the headache eases hun

E x
Hope I haven't blown it!
Went to my little brother's football presentation and then mum wanted to go for a meal. So I went for grilled cajun chicken and side salad... Gave my chips away, which was tough, and then watched brother eat a huge toffee waffle sundae - surprised I wasn't drooling!!
Weigh in for me tomorrow evening, if it's anything less than half a stone I will be gutted!

Hope everyone else getting on ok xx
Good women giving your chips away!!!

Dont u feel like killing someone when u see them eat something nice LOL

Let us know how u get on hun

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Hey everyone.

My name is sarah and I started ss exactly a week ago, i could use a dietingbuddy aswell, hope i can join hhere; )

Im 24 years old and got a little son;) im hoping to lose 4-5stones, i started last monday and have to far lost 9lbs,

Hope the rest of you guys are well;)
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Hi Ladies

Just thought I'd join in. I'm on Day 5 and hoping I'm now in ketosis as I've really struggled all weekend. I've been 100% but it's been hard.

I did this diet about 8 years ago for my wedding and lost 2 stones in 2 months. My first goal was to stay ss until I went on holiday on 28th June but just found out over the weekend that a meal has been organised for my Granda's 80th at the beginning of June so I'll have to speak to my consultant about this.

Good luck to everyone this week.
S: 16st0.6lb C: 15st0.3lb G: 0st11.5lb Loss: 1st0.3lb(6.37%)
Thanks for the welcome Lucy; ) be proud of youself foe being able to ss with two children;)

I really wanna look good for the summer, we are gonna go to norway july, and visit my husbonds family, and i really dont want to be the fat one:; (

Limedragon hang on to it, because its due to us giving in that we got to our size;) im really struggling today, and trying to visualise the skinny me;) its working I hope, )

Whwn do you have your weighins?


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Re: Newbie! Buddy? X

Another 3lbs off this week that's 13 in 3 weeks hopefully now I've switched to CWP the losses will be better.

I am saving £29 a week by switching its great. More money to spend in Lush which is my new obsession I am learning to treat or cheer myself up without using food.

Hope everyone else is doing well :D
S: 15st0lb C: 13st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 38 Loss: 1st8lb(10.48%)
My weigh in is on Thursday morning. This is definitely the first day I haven't been hungry so hopefully I can stay on track, it's after 8pm and I have still to have my third shake of the day - this is the longest I've managed to hold off.

I have 2 young sons too so cooking for them, even food shopping for them is not fun but their Dad has been making their evening meals which helps.

Thanks Sarah, I'm the same. I intend to take my 2 boys swimming when we go away and don't want to feel the "big lady" in the pool. Last time I went swimming I was 32 weeks pregnant so was quite happy having a big tummy as it was supposed to be there! lol

Well done Danielle, you're doing great.
Re: Newbie! Buddy? X

Hi ladies. Had my first weigh in 2nite and I've lost 11lbs! Also lost 9.5inches :D
I'm so happy, it's the kick start I needed and hopefully it will continue...
Hi ladies. Had my first weigh in 2nite and I've lost 11lbs! Also lost 9.5inches :D
I'm so happy, it's the kick start I needed and hopefully it will continue...
Woot woot! Vicky! EXCELLENT result......how do you feel about that success?!

50 x

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