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Cambridge Diet first 3 days!

Hi! Im Louise, 24 and a size 18 :sigh:. I started the Cambridge Diet on the 26th of November so this is my second day and to be honest Im really struggling!. Ive tried all the diets including weight watchers, slimming world, cabbage soup (yuk) and several others and none work quick enough so Ive always given up after a short time, This one im dertermined will work, so can any one give me any advise as to how to get through the first few days? My counsellor has told me the first few are the worst and to drink lots of water and stick to the shakes (im on 4 a day and 200ml of milk as im 5"11) but am soooo hungry all the time. Im surt te I eat alot out of boredom so am trying to keep busy but its very hard. Must be positive! Ive read some great before and after pics and would love that to be me,m so please help me stick to this, just need to get these days out of the way so the hunger pangs etc will go too! Thanks x
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Cambridge Diet

Hi, well the one Im doing is called Sole Source and you have 3-4 shakes/soups/bars a day totalling just over 600kcals, and after several days like this you go into Ketosis which is where your body starts burning body fat rather than the glucose from carbs you eat (as your not getting many from the diet). Does this help? There is loads on it on the Cambridge diet website, its all done through a counsellor x

Serena A

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Hi Louise and welcome!

I'm on my 11th week of Cambridge SS+. Your CDC is right the first few days can be bad, many say that days 3-4 are the worst but if you can stick it out past then you'll be fine. As soon as Ketosis kicks in (usually day 4-5) the hunger goes I promise. Then you get your first weigh-in which will really spur on! And drink loads of water it really helps.

Good luck and let us know how you get on xx
Thanks Serena, I really hope so Ive order some Ketostix so hopefully I can test when I get to that Ketosis stage, Ive heard you get awful breath too so im sure ill know! Im determined to stick it out as ive done nearly 2 already, dont want to waste it and im not sure what other one I would try if I dont stick to this!
Thanks for your advice x


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good luck Louise. Yes, the first week is awful, but once you get over that, and ketosis kicks in it really is a great diet. The first weeks weigh in is also a great boost, you will be really spurred on.
This site is also really good for keeping you busy (I can be on here for hours), and the motivation you get from others is fab.
Good luck, and keep us all posted x
Good luck hun, yes the first few days are hard but when you step on those scales it will be worth it. Drink water when you're feeling hungry. Hang in there and you will see great results.
Hi all, thanks for all your advice, I really appriciate it, Im not sure if its too early, but I feel way better today on Day 3, is it too early for Ketosis? I dont feel anywhere near as hungry or tired as I did on Day 1 and 2, could this just be me getting used to or going into Ketosis? Thanks x
Fab, thanks :) Im sure I must be then as Im not hungry at all and thats unheard of for me! Just have to get out of the habit of wanting to eat, I seem to think oo it must be time for food and have to remind myself. Im determinded to stick to this tho!! Thanks again x

Just wanted to let you guys know, went to get some sachets changed today (as the porridge is gross) and got weighed, already lost 4lbs in 3 days! Amazing! Thanks for your help with this! The support helps, Im def in ketosis now, I bought the strips and all confirmed :) YAY

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