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Cambridge Diet or low carb ((Atkins)) Advice


Proper Little Madam
Both will stop food cravings after a few days if you follow them correctly...personally I like the quick results of a VLCD like CD but following either plan should show good losses.
Try both for a week each and see which suits you.

Good luck

Gaynor x
I think Gaynor answered your question and I agree both will show good losses it depends on which suits you better, ie food with atkins or meal replacement. Good luck with whichever you decide.

I consistently lost 3 lbs a week on a low carb diet after the first week, and if I keep losing on average 3lbs a week with CD for the month of May I will switch back to low carb in June, because of the toilet issues I am having.

But I like the convenience and rigidity of CD for the moment takes away all the worries about planning etc for the moment


Me on the right! x
I'm starting CD on Tuesday... I need the strictness of CD so I don't have the decision of what to eat as I know after a few days my good intentions go out the window and I have pasta and garlic bread! Not a good low-carb combo!! Everyone's different... if you have the willpower to limit what you eat then I would rather do that. I just don't have the willpower at the moment so CD is going to be the best for me!! (And seeing everyone's AMAZING results on here just makes me want to start today!) Good luck whatever you do... the support you get on minimins is fab so I'm sure if you stick on here you'll do well whatever you choose! x


Silver Member
Hi, I've done both.

With Atkins, I lost a stone in the first month, but then it was quite slow and I didn't stick to it well because of that. In the end I was just staying the same. This wasn't as bad as it sounds because before that my weight was just increading all the time no matter what. OVer a year I came down from around 225 to 190 lbs.

I was pretty desparate when I found CD and had been thinking of surgery - I had all the brochures and been to the docs. I was sceptical and thought the weight would go back on as fast as I lost it but I found loads of research saying that was a myth.

CD was tough but I loved the fast losses 7lbs in the first week and then a stone a month no matter. It worked. It was like magic (I'd put on weight with Slimming World!) and I couldn't believe it that if you stuck to it you really lost the weight.

Also, it was good to have a break from my relationship from food. It allowed me to take stock of my life and binge eating issues without ending up in a packet of crisps!

I started 2 years ago and I'm 10lbs over my target weight at the moment but am dealing with it.

When I came off CD I went onto low carb to mantain and it works well.

hope this helps you with your decision and best of luck with the weight loss. This site and the support I got and still get was a big factor in my weight loss.


Full Member
I agree with all the advice. Try both out a week each and see how it goes. I eat low carb and it works for me but not atkins as that is way to high in fat for my liking.

CD is brilliant with taking the decision away from you and you are getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

It's really a personal thing though, whether you can cope without food etc.

Good luck anyway.xx

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