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Cambridge diet shakes making me sick!

Hi All

am on the first week of the Cambridge diet. On day 5 and have already lost 7 pounds by my scales.

Am definitely in ketosis and dont feel too hungry. The only problem that I am having is stomaching the shakes and the porridge - they both taste so sweet and are making me gag and retch terribly.

My counsellor started me on sole source + and this is the only way that I could keep going. I think I would have quit without it.

I am not managing to eat all the packets and for the last two days have only managed three over the two days supplemented with some tinned tuna and some skinless chicken. Last night I had a tiny piece of cheese. I have also had about a tablesppon of mayonnaise with the tuna and chicken in total.

To be honest, I feel fine and am losing weight. However, I am worried that I am not getting all the nutrients that I need as not having all the packs. However, they are really making me sick - even the soup which I could previously manage. It is not the texture as have been blending carefully just the awful artificial sweetness.

Does anyone have any tips?!
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Sorry no tips as Im only on day 3 myself but I sympathise with you as they are all making me gag!!! It lasts about ten minutes then I feel fine. I am putting it down to eating on a very empty stomach???

Hope someone replies hun


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Have you tried the soya products? I only have these shakes, the normal bars and the porridge. I found the normal ones way too sweet as well.

I also do 810 as I find the 3 shakes just dont fit into my life. I am on my second restart.

Thank you both for replying so quickly! The very worst I have had was the chocolate orange last night - I only managed two sips and even thinking about it now is giving me nightmares!

I am hopeing (praying) I might be able to persuade my counsellor to give me some bars this week and think I could manage them and the shakes.

Are the tetras as horrible as the shakes? Wondering about them as they seem smaller?


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Are you making the shakes up to a pint ? I do and they aren't too sweet, using a blender they are frothy too.
yes - been adding lots of water (over a pint) and lots of ice before blending.

My nightmare food is angel delight and they remind me exactly of that!

I also know that sugar triggers of serious cravings for me. I lost quite a bit of weight on the atkins diet because I totally cut that out. Hence why I don't really feel happy about drinking something that tastes so sugary. I would rather wean myself off it. Even the original porridge tastes of sugar.

Can just about manage the soups and hope I can get some bars next week although I will only be on week 2


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Hi guys,

Exactly the same happened to me. I started sole source and became ill because the shakes and soups made me gag and afterwards I felt nauseaus for a day or two. By the end of the first week I had stopped taking all of my allowed shakes and felt very ill. I changed diet counsellors and started sole source plus. I realised that I couldn't stand any of the products apart from banana tetra. I really think it's the most palatable but everyone is different. I then discovered that making a strong cup of tea with 2 teabags and adding a quarter of the banana tetra into it tasted like sugary tea and I have survived with this method for over 2 months. Anytime I tried to try another variety I felt sick so have stayed with the banana one. try to find one thing that you like and stick to what you like. Good luck. P.S I have lost 2 stone in 6 weeks with sole source plus so I havn't found that it slowed my losses at all. xx


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The soups are the ones that I couldnt stomach and the porridge! I am now just having Chocolate and Choc mint shakes. But Instead of cold water I put hot water and just have it like hot chocolate I have been doing this about a week and a half and I really enjoy it this way.
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i dissolve a big spoon of coffee in some hot water and then make up half a vanilla shake and mix them together tastes like one of those posh cold coffees from starbucks x


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I cant eat the bars, I really am not a sicky person but I was violently sick after eating one of those! I live soley on the tetras (and the SS+ foods) and find those absolutely fine, I was never keen on the shakes either!
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I have to be honest and say i'm on week 14 of ss and I am starting to gag after the shakes. I'd try to carry as as best as you can chick, I make mine using ice then fill with water untill 500mls and blend for about 20 seconds, this for me is the best method.
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I'm the same, despite being fine the last time i did the diet, I think my body is saying 'no way!' this time! I can only do tetras now, can't stomach the bars, the porridge is beyond grim and have never been keen on the normal shakes. So tetras are the way forward for the moment, although I do hate hate hate the aftertaste. Still ... getting thinner!!


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If you are making the shakes up with the recommended amount of water I'm not surprised they're making you gag. I make mine with 800ml (yes you did read that right) of water - it dilutes the taste right down. And ok you have more of it to get through, but its much easier when its weaker. I live on chocolate and choc mint, those are the only ones I can stomach. I hate soup. Tetras are ok (only choc ones though).

Some tips for making them more palatable:

make up with LOTS of water - blend, with crushed ice as well if you like, get them really frothy.
Add a choc tetra to a cup of coffee (you need a double sized mug for this)
Make cup of strong peppermint tea, make up to double (big mug again) with hot water, blend with a third of a pack of choc shake powder
Freeze the tetra for ice cream (never tried it, but apparently quite good)
Blend a very small amount of shake powder into normal cups of coffee - a few cups of coffee a day and you can get through half a pack (use an aerolatte) - trial and error but works with vanilla, capuccino and choc shakes.



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Try the choc tretras they are yummy!!! I love all the choc shakes and lots of others too and the bars are yummy!
Hate soups and never tried the porridge.
You just have to find what suits you hon!!
But its all so worth it! x
Thanks all for the tips. I will take back the ones to the counsellor or Monday and try and swap them.

Today I have managed half a shake, a tin of tuna, two pieces of parma ham and a very small piece of cheese (about the amount that would go in half a sandwich). As this is all low carb am hoping that I wont be over the calories that I would have had on a normal sole source + day.

Have tested and stillin ketosis so onwards and upwards!


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I had the same problem in my first week, and spoke to my counsellor as it was a make or break thing for me. She allowed me to have tetras and bars, and then I was ok. I still can't stand any of the powdered stuff and live on choc tetras, cranberry bars, and peanut bars, and they are gorgeous. I also blend the shakes with ice and it makes them a lot nicer.... hang in there it does get better.
I think bars are going to be the way forward for me. I'm really sorry if this is inappropriate to mention food but can anyone describe what the bars actually taste like individually so I don't pick horrible ones on Monday?
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From my experience of feeling icky at first, I now have a cup of coffee and a glass of water BEFORE I have a shake and this seems to work for me!

Are you drinking them on an empty stomach? If so, it may be worth atleast having a pint of water just before?

Like someone has already said, we are all different so you may just have to try different things and find one that suits.

Good luck and well done for sticking with it xx